22nd May2017

‘Twin Peaks: Season 3 – Episodes 1 & 2’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


Twin Peaks is finally back, and yes as almost every review is probably saying, it is worth the wait. What we have though is something a little different from the Twin Peaks we know. This is David Lynch giving us his full vision, and while special, don’t expect to understand everything you see. In many ways though, that is the point of the show.

When the Log Lady’s (Catherine E. Coulson) has a message for Deputy Hark (Michael Horse) the case of Agent Cooper’s (Kyle MacLachlan) is examined. Is it time for the mystery of Cooper’s disappearance to be finally solved and could he be returning?

Presenting the first two episodes together is the perfect way to bring back Twin Peaks. It feels like an event, and for fans it is an event that has been waited for, for a long time. We finally get to see where Cooper is, if he is still stuck in the Black Lodge and if there is a chance for him to get out.

Fans of David Lynch will love these two episodes, and see so many references and call backs in it. While it definitely is a show made for the fans of Twin Peaks, there are also elements that remind me of Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive (re-released on Blu-ray in the UK this week), Inland Empire, and that is what is exciting…

This Twin Peaks, is more David Lynch than actual Twin Peaks.

For people expecting the show just to centre on the goings on in the strange little town of Twin Peaks, they may be disappointed. This is a bigger story about the effects of Cooper’s actions since we last saw him. We know what appeared to have happened to him in the finale of the original series, and now we see the result. What these two episodes tease though is the fact that it is time for things to change. It is what we expect to happen, but we aren’t going to get it in a simple way. There are events all over America, and we see things that really, we aren’t meant to understand (at least yet). This is typical Lynch though, and the thing to remember is, everything has its place in the mystery that is being formed.

One thing that confused me about the return of Twin Peaks was the interesting cast that was announced. We get to see the answer to this with the inclusion of Matthew Lillard. Fans of Twin Peaks will (think) they understand what is going on with his character, and it feels like a nice cameo. There are some interesting ones to come in the next few episodes, which I’ll be reviewing soon. Safe to say the interesting cast choices get even more surreal.

Speaking of the cast, the actors that return from the original series are obviously a delight. My favourite may be Jerry (David Patrick Kelly) popping in to see his brother Benjamin (Richard Beymer). This is a nice comedic moment to give the audience a break from the heavy feeling of dread the show now has. It should also be noted that the Log Lady scenes may cause a few tears to be shed, and it goes without saying the reason why.

For fans of movie making (and yes, television) these two first episodes are a tour de force of the surreal. The use of both audio and visual tricks to pull the audience in to the quietness of some scenes and then the stunning loudness of others all work together to create an experience That is everything David Lynch. When we reach the end of this revival it will be interesting to see if we have all of the answers, or will be just as confused as before.

While there is so much that can be discussed about these episodes, my choice is to not spoil it, watch it and enjoy it. There will be so many theories all over the Internet about what the meanings are of some scenes, what we should know about the episodes, but my advice is ignore them. Enjoy being confused, form your own theories and enjoy the show for what it is and what Lynch wants it to be.

Fans of Twin Peaks will love the return of the show, and quite rightly so. Be prepared, this is Twin Peaks in full David Lynch mode, but also him at his best. It is good to not only have the show back, but also to have him at the reins taking us for a ride into his brilliantly strange imagination.

***** 5/5

Twin Peaks airs in the UK on Sky Atlantic on Mondays.

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