22nd May2017

The Daydream of VR

by James Smith


For those who are into baseball and virtual reality and also happen to own a google Daydream headset then they are in for a treat as Major League Baseball is adding to it its  live streaming games with some superb virtual reality features.

This June (June 1st) MLB’s At Bat app is going to be available in VR mode, which will initially be for the Daydream headset and Android smartphones. The app will allow its users access to live scores and statistics, whilst simultaneously able to watch games in HD video, this includes a 3D strike zone cube that sits right in front of the viewer. There will also be a collection of 360 degree on demand videos that can be viewed via the headset.

Jamie Leece who is MLB Advanced Media’s VP of games and VR strategy on mobile, digital and social gaming platforms said: “We think the next frontier for data visualization will be immersive.”

This vision is just what VR was made for but for now the league’s VR experience does not extend to the game broadcasts themselves, so no live games can be viewed. There is good news on the near horizon as MLB has already experimented with lives games being produced in VR and has high hopes in delivering a full game in virtual reality, perhaps later on in the year (2017)

The possibilities then could rocket. At present if you want to have a wager or bet on your favourite team or casino site like www.topmobilecasino.co.uk then either watch the game on your computer or mobile device. Just imagine the different experience if you made a wager or placed a bet whilst watching all the action in 360 degree VR.

There is always problems to overcome with any new technology, and one of the main issues includes the cost of the cameras. Making certain that the whole 50,000 square feet of baseball action is brought to VR is also a challenge.

The new VR features in the At Bat app are free to subscribers, with At Bat costing $2.99 a month or $19.99 per year. In order to watch the live games users have to subscribe to the MLB TV Premium, which costs $24.99 a month or $112.99 for the season, and that also include At Bat.

Hopefully this will be the start to VR being available on an even more regular basis and it is thought that the league will add support to other VR platform in the future.

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