11th May2017

‘The Walking Dead #166’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Written by Robert Kirkman | Art by Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn, Stefano Gaudiano | Published by Image Comics


When we last saw our survivors, Rick and Negan had formed an unlikely alliance to fend of the walker horde when the Saviors make their move on Dwight and his rag tag army. Andrea, Magna and the rest are trying to draw the horde away from Alexandria. Eugene plays hero and risks his life to ensure success, Andrea comes to save the day. While they did get away, Andrea may have sustained a bite to the neck…

Well shit, The Walking Dead #166 has got it all really, Kirkman decides its time to lay some Verbal down and just when you thought it was safe to put your coffee, beer or milkshake down… He throws a crazy last 6 pages at you that could potentially change the landscape going forward.

We jump straight back into the story with a what seems to be a freshly bitten Andrea spurring her team on to get the hell out of dodge. Back to Alexandria, Rick and Negan are fending off the last of the Horde with some more epic Negan dialogue. During a flurry of intense Hacky Slashy smash cuts Rick comes face to face with Carl who has come to the aid of Alexandria.

This sweet as hell reunion is cut short when Sherry and her saviors show up to enforce there place in the scheme of things. We run to the end of the issue with more great Kirkman verbage as Rick and Sherry back and forth each other in a power struggle that takes a turn for the worse, just when Andrea turns up…

Another solid issue really showing some strength coming out of the epic arc that was the whisperer war, Its nice to be able to take a breath and really push forward the story with some great little scenes. It raises more questions too which is always good, What is going to happen to Andrea?? Can they really be looking to kill of one of the OG members?? (its such a shame how they wasted that character in the show). What now for what is let of the Saviors??. I am sure these questions will all be answered in due course.

I’m still invested in this book, Kirkman and Adlard are still going great work and the relationship with Negan and Rick is just about as intriguing as it gets in these books. The great thing is that this is me catching up, so I get to go straight into issue #167!


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