09th May2017

Watch Now: Comic Trips 7×09 – Quick On The Drawer

by Phil Wheat


They’ve been referred to as “American Pickers for 80′s babies”, and “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives for nerds”.

They drive. They hunt. They interact. A never-ending search for all things nostalgia related, from comic books to toys, movie memorabilia to long-forgotten pieces of pop culture history. Visiting comic book & toy stores, pop culture events, comic cons, flea markets, antique malls, personal collections, and anywhere they think they can (and do) find cool stuff.

They are Comic Trips… The best YouTube channel you’ve never heard of! However we aim to change all that – which is why we’re bringing the show into the Nerdly fold and sponsoring the latest season. If you haven’t caught seasons 1-6 yet, check those out here and the latest episode, “Quick On The Drawer”, is below:

After a somewhat prolonged period of obsession with new ways to store comic books, Paul finally breaks down and goes for his ultimate goal to keep their collections in order. We set out to HOPEFULLY bring home our holy grail of comic book storage!


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