08th May2017

‘Doctor Who 10×04: Knock Knock’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


Ever since Blink, there has been an anticipation around creepy episodes of Doctor Who, that they will deliver the same creepiness. While some have come close, not many have managed to reach the same impressive quality of Blink. Knock Knock though promised something different, and that was David Suchet.

In Knock Knock we are back to modern-day, and Bill (Pearl Mackie) is moving into a new house with friends. Too good to be true, the house seems to be the perfect accommodation for the students, but with The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) on edge, and a creepy Landlord (David Suchet) hanging around, it’s not long before things start to get creepy.

There is a Gothic creepiness to Knock Knock, right down to creaky floorboards of the old house which of course is a hint as to what is to come. David Suchet’s character is an interesting one, and the audience will question just what he is, but I won’t give anything away. Typical of a good Doctor Who, the revelation is part of the enjoyment, and it should not be spoiled.

What I liked about Knock Knock is the fact it is effectively creepy, and manages to hold many of its secrets until the end. We do see many hints and of course creatures that pose many questions, but the beauty is in the conclusion, which is actually beautiful. I did fear this would be just another case of The Doctor saving a misunderstood alien, but thankfully that isn’t the case. This creepy tale comes just at the right time for The Doctor and Bill. They are now comfortable as Doctor and companion, the audience has accepted Bill, and we can get down to the important stories. The Doctor can also play that weird role of being the weird old friend who becomes the “grandfather” so as to explain why he is hanging around.

This episode of Doctor Who works because it may be fantastical but it feels relevant and even modern. We have the teenage students looking for a place to stay, and we have a creaky old house which his genuinely creepy. Put that together and we have a ghost story that we can put ourselves in, with of course a Doctor Who twist.

For those wondering how David Suchet would fit into Doctor Who, the answer to that is he took the episode to another level. Playing his role mostly seriously, but with just a slight cheesy edge, his character was obviously up to no good, but off base enough to confuse the audience. Even when all is revealed you can’t help but pity him in the role he is playing. Suchet works well with Capaldi, and the audience as a whole and it all fits together to make a very good episode of Doctor Who.

Knock Knock for me personally will go down as one of the best of the Capaldi era. I do believe it is up there with Blink in quality, and manages to hit all the right buttons to make this a classic episode. The answer to the door is coming too, with a surprising revelation this episode. Just don’t expect to get all the answers to what is behind it just yet.

***** 5/5

Doctor Who airs in the UK on BBC on Saturdays.

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