27th Apr2017

‘Alien and Predator Figurine Collection: Captain Dallas’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


Given that this week we’re celebrating Alien Day, it’s only fitting that I return to my reviews of the Alien and Predator Figurine Collection with a character from the original movie, and the choice is Captain Dallas.

Captain Dallas played by the ever dependable Tom Skerrit is memorable not only for being the brunt of Ripley’s (Sigourney Weaver) anger many times, but also for his death scene. Climbing through the small ventilation shafts of the Nostromo he tries to track the Xenomorph and dispose of it. The first time we really get a good view of the creature, it proves that Dallas, and the other humans are no match for the alien.

While the Xenomorph figurines are my favourite of the ones I’ve reviewed so far, Dallas may be the top human figurine. There is an impressive level of detail in his space suit, which has become so famous because of the scenes where the crew explore the Alien ship on LV-426. The suit provided no protection of course against the Facehugger attack on Kane (John Hurt) which of course started the incubation period for the Xenomorph inside him.

The Captain Dallas figuring comes with all the extras needed for exploration of LV-426, including a specimen storage pack next to his feet. Getting to look at the suit itself, it is impressive at the level of armour it actually has. Just a shame that the helmet wasn’t any stronger.

Dallas is an iconic character in Alien and an impressive addition to the Alien and Predator Figurine Collection. I will also admit that if I had the Ripley figurine then of course I would be reviewing her. Other than Dallas and Ripley, other choices would of course be Kane, and Ash (Ian Holm). All the characters in the first movie are iconic, but these are the ones that take centre stage for their actions in Alien.

Captain Dallas is an impressive addition to the Alien and Predator Figurine Collection, especially with the level of detail that has gone into his suit. Could it be better? Of course it could, but you do have to remember the price you are paying for these figurines. For the price you are paying the Alien and Predator Figurine Collection are impressive. With my reviews focusing on the Alien side of the collection, it would be interesting to see how well the Predator holds up, and if they can hold up their side of the Alien vs. Predator wars.

On a final note, what is Alien Day you ask? It is a day we all celebrate everything Alien. Why was it picked? The simple answer is based on the name of the colonial moon on which the alien ship was discovered, LV-426. The 426 in the number becomes 4/26, April 26th which makes it Alien Day… simple really.

****½  4.5/5

The Alien and Predator Figurine Collection is available from the official website for the collection. For US customers the figurines cost $9.95, with the UK paying £9.99. Postage and packing is free. Be aware that after the first initial figure, the price will rise to $28.95/£17.99 + postage and packing for 2 figures per month.

Review originally posted on PissedOffGeek

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