26th Apr2017

‘God Country #4’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Written by Donny Cates | Art by Geoff Shaw, Jason Wordie, John J. Hill | Published by Image Comics


Yes, Yes, Yes, one million times yes…

You may be forgiven for thinking a comic book with as heavy tones as God Country may start to pump the breaks around Issue 4. After all we are new to the characters, we had Alzheimer’s thrown at us, God Swords and a kidnapping . However Donny Cates thought to himself ‘How do I keep this messed up shit moving’. The answer…

Emmett Quinlan went to hell!!! So I think first off I have to just throw this out there, Geoff Shaw has created a wonderfully dark vibrant aesthetic with the first four issues and his vision of hell is gorgeous to say the least. So after Emmett told Baelgrim and the other Gods they could not have there sword back, they decided to kidnap his grand-daughter and take her straight to hell. Obviously Emmett cant have that and ventures down to retrieve his Kin.

There is extremely strong dialogue and even stronger imagery in this issue but I felt that personally this issues strengths lay with the Mother and Father in the plains of the real. The wife pretty much becomes the eyes of the reader and exclaims how crazy and bat shit this whole situation is and in these moments we get some real human moments, something Cates writes wonderfully.

Although I love this section of the book I urge you to take 2-3 minutes to admire Geoff Shaws full page with Emmett and his wife (holy shit thats a powerful image right there). Next issue hits us May 17th but worry not my friends, Donny Cates has also released Issue 1 of his other title Redneck and we’ll have a review of that soon!

If your not reading God Country yet, fix that problem and get them read.


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