10th Apr2017

Top 5: Movies That Became Casino Games

by James Smith


It will not have escaped anyone’s attention that casino game developers generally like to pick up popular licenses wherever possible. Now, ‘popular’ is of course an objective term, but one medium that almost always manages to enter the public consciousness, at least in terms of the bigger blockbusters, is film.

The popularity of the games that spawn from these movies is easy to see from all manner of different perspectives. The game makers like to be able to use the imagery and characters from the movie in question to illustrate their games without much creativity being required, and players enjoy getting into the action with some familiar faces and, wherever possible, some themed bonuses too.

As could be expected, not every movie slot turns into an automatic hit, and we have seen our fair share of outright rubbish over the years. However, unlike many movies that became video games, the casino side of things is not a well-known, meme-tastic cesspool of failure and there are indeed some great ones out there. Here are five of our favourites.

1) Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Since the Dark Knight slot disappeared from our screens, Terminator 2 – Judgement Day is the highest rated movie on the IMDB 250 to offer up an official and easily accessible online slot game. The movie itself needs little by way of introduction and if you have not seen it by now, the chances are that you probably never will. The game itself, however, is a triumph of modern slots gaming, with a massive number of combinations on the board, all of the leading characters playing a part and pretty much everything that could be hoped for in terms of themed features too.

2) Aliens

Also appearing on that same IMDB list is Aliens and while it appears a full fifteen places below the original movie on that list, it has one thing going for it that the first movie doesn’t, that being an official slot game. The game itself was one of the first forays into movie slots from NetEnt, a company that may not ring any bells but is well known for being the market leader in casino games right now. That means quality and while the game itself has been around for a few years, we challenge any casino fan to find a more atmospheric reel-based experience out there right now.

3) Scarface

It may not be the most iconic gangster movie of all time, but in the absence of a casino game based on either part one or two of The Godfather, it is a shoe-in for this list. It is certainly a great movie by our own standards and the game makes things even better by recreating the iconic scene from the end of the movie where Tony Montana almost heroically makes his last stand. We will also take this opportunity to say that we do not think that the 2018 remake will come close to capturing the magic of the 1983 iteration, even though that one was a remake in its own right!

4) The Avengers

We love superhero movies, and it would seem that casino game makers do too. We are always happy to see just one famous hero appearing on screens, so when they team up it is extra special. The game comes from Playtech, so it is inherently a little weaker than its counterparts from other developers, but it still packs a mighty punch that fans of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will absolutely love.

5) Ghostbusters

We have made it all the way to the end of this list without including anything from IGT, which is perhaps the best-known name in the world of casino game production. They also just so happen to hold some of the most impressive licenses and our final pick was a toss-up between Star Trek and Ghostbusters. The latter won the day, partly inspired by the fact that a new game in the franchise is on its way, but the first one is still an essential pick for any movie buff thanks to the presence of some all-time classic characters and some of the very best themed features that we have ever seen.

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