08th Apr2017

Ten Best: Things to do when you are bored

by James Smith

We’ve all been there, stuck at home, while the snow is falling heavily outside. The snowed-in-effect, also known as cabin fever, is starting to take effect. Soon you will feel an urge to run out, or to jump out of a window; you are starting to feel as though you would do anything to get some change of surroundings. But you know you cannot. You are stuck at home, and it is winter.

So, what do you do? Well, there are billions of fun activities to emerge yourself in, things that will make you forget, that you are stuck at home. We will not list a billion hilarious things here, but at least ten.


1) Build the world’s tallest house of cards. Sure, this one might not be your first choice of activity, and you will probably not succeed, but it is not as bad of a choice as it seems, if you have ever tried to build a house of cards you know that it is weirdly interesting and, while you are doing it, you lose yourself to the cards and the construction. We think that this is a great thing to do while being stuck at home, it will keep you occupied for a while, and keep you focused on something else than the snow. Check out the world record set by Bryan Berg.

2) Read 100 classics. We’ve all heard it before. ”Start using your brain and read a book!” It is almost as if you can hear mom’s slightly irritated voice. But she has a point. Reading is not a bad activity, it is relaxing, and makes you smarter and more focused.

3) Gamble! Why not play some online casino?. This might very well be the ultimate activity when you are stuck at home during a long cold lonely winter. Seldom will you find an activity as all-encompassing and intriguing as this one. The thing is… playing online casino offers a lot; there are tonnes of free casino games, tonnes of promotions, and tonnes of other players to interact with. And, if you think you automatically lose a lot of money by playing Online Casino, think again! There are so many free play games with via places like the 888 casino website, you do not need to spend a penny!.

4) Tie all your wife’s clothes together. Well, you could argue that it is a practical joke, and that practical jokes are great fun; not sure your wife will like it though, and you are bound to get a slap afterwards, however, this activity will keep you occupied for a while and seeing the look on your wife’s face afterwards will be worth all the effort you need to put in. Do not kid yourself though. This will take a while to complete, and make sure that your wife is not stuck at home at the same time.

5) Learn to cook. Let’s face it, you cannot cook, not even boil an egg, okay, you know how to do that, but you are no MasterChef, are you? Honestly, did you plan to go through life without learning how to cook, a bit? There are many things you can do in order to learn how to cook. First, you should study the fine art of cooking.

6) Try Online Bingo. I know what you are thinking, but you are wrong, Online Bingo sites are both fun and exciting, Online Bingo is for everyone; and that means you too, it is not expensive, and will keep you going for hours, and… there are many great prizes to be had. We dare you to try it. It will make the winter seem a whole lot shorter.

7) Watch the three first seasons of Walking Dead. There are many popular and good tv-series out there, such as Games of Thrones and Breaking Bad. But we would like to talk to you about another series, and this one will scare the wits out of you, if you are alone, stuck at home during winter; The Walking Dead will get your juices going. We promise you, that if you watch the three first seasons, you are going to say: ”Oh man, this was good!”. We guarantee that you will forget all about winter for a while.

8) Clean the house. Okay, before you start yelling, and telling us off, hear us out. You are stuck inside right? And it is winter. What better activity can there be then to do something useful, for a change, right? How about giving the house a perfect cleaning, make it as clean as when you moved in. About time? Hell yeah! Go for it.

9) Learn a new language. This is a good activity when finding yourself stuck at home during winter. It requires lots of time, plenty of patience and concentration. Exactly what you need in order to forget about your dire situation at home. While learning the language dream about new countries and exciting cultures.

10) Sleep. It seemed appropriate to place this one last; obviously, this is not a difficult task or activity, but it might be the best thing to occupy yourself with while being stuck at home during winter. At least for a while. When you wake up, have a snack and try some of the other nine activities, or go back to sleep, your choice.

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