07th Apr2017

‘The Beaster Bunny’ DVD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Jon Arthur, Kristina Beaudouin, Valerie Bittner, Alison Bodell, Darian Caine, Tom Cikoski, Marisol Custodio, Matthew Dolan, Fredus Donestilus, John Paul Fedele | Written and Directed by The Snygg Brothers


Hide your eggs! A 50-foot man-eating Easter bunny is on the loose and the townsfolk don’t stand a hop in hell. As the bloodthirsty, floppy-eared killer leaves a trail of dismembered corpses, the town’s only chance of survival rests with a wannabe actress and a crazy dog-catcher.

Yeah, honestly, you HAVE to know what you’re in for with any movie about a killer Easter Bunny… And if you don’t know, then within the first five minutes of the film you WILL know! Starting in a cheesy fashion and never letting up, The Beaster Bunny, aka Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell, is a tongue-in-cheek… way, WAY, in cheek… terror tale that plays for laughs as much as it does scares.

If you’ve been reading my “Monster Movie Mayhem” column, you’ll know how much I enjoy cheesy monster movies, most of which – these days – are made for the Syfy channel and come from the likes of Roger Corman and The Asylum. Well a few weeks ago I wrote in one of those reviews that I missed the era of copious amounts of boobs in my creature features and it seems like the Snygg Brothers felt the same way! The Beaster Bunny is filled with boobs, along with tons of cheesy (SOV-era-like) gore, idiotic characters, stupid behaviour and, best of all, plenty of practical effects. Sounds like DTV heaven right?


What if I told you the practical effects include a giant quasi-stop motion rabbit that is just as absurd, if not MORE THAN, the concept sounds? Our titular bunny is a scratty-haired rabbit that looks like a toy that has been abandoned for years by an owner that realises how crappy it looks. Oh, and this rabbit is RANDY… For his victims are all nubile ladies, all in various states of undress; or whom the rabbit himself undresses! And I’m not complaining.

Like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and a myriad of Troma movies, The Beaster Bunny is one of those films that is purposefully made to be bad, to capture that “so bad it’s good” vibe, a party film to be enjoyed by stoners and alcoholics alike. Stupid, dumb, inept – these are a few words that other will band about to describe the Snygg Brothers debut film, but for me this is a film that surpasses “so bad it’s good” to become something greater, its own entity if you will – an instant holiday classic that joins Dustin Mills’ Easter Casket as must-watch fear flicks of the Easter season.

The Beaster Bunny is available now on DVD, VOD and Download from Second Sight.


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