06th Apr2017

Pop Addled: Movie Special – Power Rangers (2017)

by Phil Wheat


A newcomer to the Nerdly family, here’s the latest episode of the Pop Addled podcast, part of the ever-growing podcast roster here on Nerdly.

Pop Addled is a pop culture podcast with nerd tendencies. Join Keenan, Sam and Timmy as they discuss movies, music, video games, sports, TV, comics, and any intersection thereof. Their brains have been thoroughly addled by pop culture and they’re here to share their twisted thoughts with you!

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Movie Special: Power Ranger (2017)

In 1993 “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” took American children’s television by storm with exaggerated kung-fu hand motions, roundhouse kicks, godzilla-esque low budget monsters, and Voltron rip off “Zords” which when combined together created the almighty “Megazord”. After 24 years, a couple of crappy movies (95, 97), and numerous iterations of the TV show, we arrive at present day with a big budget blockbuster Power Rangers movie. Apologies because Sam was unavailable for this episode. Also apologies for a slight echo and Timmy and Keenan were testing out a new mic so the volume varies a bit… I swear we are professionals. Rate, review, and enjoy!

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