28th Mar2017

Ten Best: Apps For Gamers

by James Smith

There are various essential apps for gamers out there. Whether it’s a new smartphone game, an app for food or even just a way to watch others playing their favourite games. Here are ten of the best apps every gamer should download:


Every gamer should watch the professionals for tips and tricks. Twitch is like Youtube for gamers, you can watch all your favourite games being played online and even interact with the players live. Twitch also hosts tournaments and other live events like SGDQ.


Hearthstone is an online app game where you collect cards, choose a hero and create a deck of cards for that hero to play against others online. You can play ranked, casual or even in Arena with random cards. Very addictive and great fun.



When you can’t pull yourself away from your gaming, and you’re out of snacks, ordering a takeaway can be a lifesaver. The hungryhouse app lets you order from local restaurants and pay online, so all you need to do is answer the door when it arrives. Pizza anyone?

Clash of Clans

In principle Clash of Clans might seem daft – build a clan of fighters and then attack other fighters for loot. Yet this highly addictive game is great fun and seriously hard to put down.


Discord is like Facebook for gamers, the social media platform can be made to link to Twitch channels and is a great way for gamers to meet likeminded individuals.

Super Mario Run

Everyone loves a Mario game, and Super Mario Run is no exception. Here Mario runs through the level and you have to guide him through difficult jumps and challenges by tapping your screen.



There’s nothing quite like Amazon – it feels like it literally sells everything. Whether you want to pre-order the latest game, buy a new controller or even just snacks to eat when you’re playing. Amazon will sell them and, in most cases, get it to you for the next day.

Plants vs Zombies Heroes

Plants vs Zombies Heroes is the latest in the Plants vs Zombies saga. In this game, similar to Hearthstone, you build a team of heroes and collect cards in order to battle and win. For the first time you can even decide whether you want to play as plants or zombies.


Badland lets you play as a furry little animal as you take on numerous puzzles in this platforming world. It might look cute, but this app can be seriously challenging and if you don’t think fast you’ll soon find yourself facing death. You can even play multiplayer on the same screen for some challenging fun.

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep


When you’ve played games all day in front of a bright screen, you can often find it difficult to get to sleep afterwards. This is because your body’s natural release of melatonin has become interrupted as the bright screen looks like daylight. A sleeping app like Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep has a library of relaxing sounds like rain and city sounds that can help you drift off to sleep easier.

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