28th Mar2017

‘Admins’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Jay Saunders, Doug Henderson, Rebecca Wahls, Devon Brookshire, Dylan Hares, Trevor Desaussure, Joe Hansard | Written by Eric Espejo, Korosh Karimi | Directed by Aaron Goodmiller


Glengarry Glen Ross, Clerks, A Few Good Men, The Big Short, Office Space and Waiting. What do these flicks have in common? No matter the genre they fall in they all have great writing, great dialogue and superb execution of both these factors from there core cast. While Admins may be a low budget independent movie it has all these key ingredients and deserves your attention.

Since movies like Clerks and Office Space hit our screens and gave us a real good look into work life culture, many movies have came and went since that tried to capture that magic but more often than not they fail because they lack the witty dialogue or lead cast delivery. Aaron Goodmiller and Eric Espejo have achieved a rare feat and brought us a movie that holds many similarities to the movies they (and we) love but also expertly elaborates becoming not only a love letter to the genre but an excellent reminder that there is still life in this genre yet.

Admins is a day in the life story of Dan and Randy. Dan and Randy are a couple of systems admins at a “government company” and much like your normal average Joe, spend most of there days figuring out how exactly to fill there work time. So yeah that’s pretty much all I can say plot wise other than what follows is a string of interesting, candid, funny as hell conversations (most notably the “Rape Card” conversation) as Dan is trying his damned hardest to better his position in the company and Randy just calls it like he sees it.

For me this flick lives in its performances and I don’t just mean from our two leads. Let’s for a second talk about them though… Jay Saunders as Dan the put upon employee who has the intelligence and the aspirations of making it, well I thought Saunders nailed this. Playing off him was Doug Henderson as Randy, please please please please someone pick this guy up and take him all the way. Henderson is an absolute scene stealing son of a bitch, his effortless delivery of some fairly complex dialogue makes him a joy to watch. I see a bright future for this guy. Just check out this delivery…

Both the leads are utterly brilliant but I cant take anything away from the supporting cast, Rebecca Wahls and Devon Brookshire in particular shine in there scenes as Vera and Kathy respectively, both playing very strongly off the cocky confident leads.

This recommend couldn’t be any stronger, I want you all to go check this flick out. Aaron Goodmiller has done a fantastic job on directing duties considering he was thrown into it at short notice after writer Eric Espejo had to bow out. Yes it is low budget, but this is a movie that knows where it lives and what its strengths are, complex witty dialogue and a brilliant cast that can deliver. Admins uses those strengths to there fullest and truly is a gem of a movie not to be missed.

So with that in mind here is where you can get a hold of Admins – and I suggest you do!

  • Admins: The Fuschia Edition (Comes with numerous extra features) On Vimeo
  • Admins: Standard Edition On Vimeo
  • Buy a physical copy of Admins on Blu Ray or DVD

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