23rd Mar2017

‘Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #2.15’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Robbie Morrison | Art by Rachel Stott | Published by Titan Comics


Robbie Morrison continued his winning streak with last issue, the first of this new arc. Although for a second it looked as though Morrison would be treating us to the adventures of the Time Surgeon and companion Kara, fighting the dastardly Minister and the Deathroids, it turned out to be a comic book within a comic book. The comic book was a loose adaptation of The Doctor’s adventures, based on urban myth and whispers, and written and drawn by creators Val and Sonny. The real Doctor was not overly impressed by their efforts, and decided to take them on a quick tour of the universe with him, so they write a more realistic book, relatively speaking of course.

This being The Doctor, things don’t go particularly as planned. After a few misadventures they end up in the safe haven of the planet Zarma, a creative utopia home to the greatest minds in the universe, a place The Doctor hopes will inspire Val and Sonny. Unfortunately they arrive just in time for a full fledged invasion by brain stealing aliens the mindmorphs. Oops. After Sonny and Val help The Doctor fight off an initial attempt to take over his mind, they run. Fast. They go through a gauntlet dragged from The Doctor’s mind, of friends and foes, psionic constructs of the mindmorphs.

One breathless run later, The Doctor finds a familiar face and meets the Zarma Resistance Army. Unfortunately the only thing they have resisted in the last 3 months is actually doing anything. Being intellectuals, they have sat round and debated. And debated some more. The Doctor informs them he has a secret weapon up his sleeve. Two in fact. Unwilling ones, but Val and Sonny step up despite not feeling ‘secret weapony’. As The Doctor points out, the mindmorphs are clever but dull and pragmatic, whereas Val and Sonny are creators, they have imagination with which they inspire, educate, and entertain. No contest. One would almost feel The Doctor is killing two birds with one stone with his plan.

Sonny and Val launch their own far more inspired psionic constructs, of heroes and characters they have dreamt up in their comics work, and attack the mindmorphs. As the mindmorphs retreat back to their ships and prepare to destroy everything, The Doctor steps in and makes sure they won’t be coming back any time soon. As always The Doctor has solved two problems at the same time. Would be intergalactic conquerors vanquished? Check. Sonny and Val reminded how important their relationship is, both personally and professionally. Double check.

Being honest, there wasn’t much to this beyond a lot of running around and a swift wrap up. Yet it was written so well, with such a delicious vein of humour running through it, that it felt more substantial than it really was. All the elements were there. Powerful foe. Scatty yet effective Doctor with a fine line in humorous quips. A gently delivered moral. When it’s good, it’s good. The art by Rachel Stott was excellent, giving personality and humanity to Sonny and Val especially. Nice layouts, clean and easy to follow art, and a general impression of an artist having fun. The mannerisms of the Twelfth Doctor are captured really well, and most of Robbie Morrison’s knowing winks in the script come across in the art. Very good team.

This issue sees the end of the Year Two run, which is a shame, but the Twelfth Doctor will be back for Year Three, with George Mann and Rachel Stott in the creative seats. Can’t wait.

This issue though? Pure, unadulterated fun. Nothing wrong with that.

**** 4/5

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #2.15 is out now from Titan Comics.


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