21st Mar2017

The Dying Bingo Halls

by James Smith


Bingo has moved from halls to our mobile phones with the advent of online bingo. More and more players are moving from brick and mortar bingo halls to virtual ones. Does this mean the traditional way of playing bingo is dying?

Now there is no longer the need to walk or drive all the way through the town to reach the famous bingo hall. All you need to do today is to relax on your couch and start a game on your computer or smart phone.

And what’s more? The prizes are bigger than ever! Because of the large number of people playing bingo online, the casinos have increased the prizes and at times it seems like the winner has won a lottery because the tickets still cost very less. This was rarely possible in traditional bingo halls because the number of players were less.

Are physical bingo halls dying? Not currently, but the future seems bleak. Because of the numerous bingo promotions and bonuses that online casinos and bingo sites offer, players tend to shift towards them. There are bonuses for deposits, and even just for signing up on the site! This has never been the case with bingo halls and might be one of the major reasons for their decline.

Though we have to take into account the physical bingo halls that have also developed and online presence. There are halls that are still in operation, both online and offline, and are attracting players locally as well as internationally. A number of petitions have been signed to keep the remaining bingo halls intact and functional because of the importance they hold in our culture. Only time will tell how all of this pans out and if we would still be able to brick and mortar halls around in a few decades.

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