21st Mar2017

‘Alien and Predator Figurine Collection: Xenomorph’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


With the upcoming release of Alien: Covenant, we get a glimpse of the origins of the Xenomorph. To fans though, it will always begin with Alien. The moment the creature rips itself from the chest of John Hurt is one of the most iconic moments in movie history. This is why my review of the Alien and Predator Figurine Collection starts with the original Xenomorph.

Looking at the impressive little statue, which is 1:16 scale (around 14cm tall) there is plenty of detail in the design of the figurine, and there has to be. H.R. Giger’s alien creation was a work of art, that not only created the monster itself but also the ship it originated from in the Alien movie (in egg form of course).

A nice touch with the Alien design is to have a few little props from Alien included on the Xenomorphs little stand. You’ll notice the little baseball cap, or trucker cap which connects with the Alien movie being really about truckers in space. This of course hints at the alien’s first real big reveal when it attacks Brett (Harry Dean Stanton).

Another hint that the Xenomorph figurine design is taken from that scene is also the shedded skin that can be seen on the stand too. This of course was what hinted to Brett that the Xenomorph was close (it was closer than he thought). While we don’t see the full Alien in that scene, now we get to see it in all its glory.

The feel of the Xenomorph is metallic, which fits well with the industrial style terror of the Alien, but it should be noted that the Xenomorph is delicate. If little hands get hold of it to play with, be careful of rough handling as this can lead to parts snapping off. With the Xenomorph looking so good, the last thing you want is a snapped off tail.

At around 14cm tall, the Alien and Predator Figurine Collection figurines are nice models to put on show (if you decide to take them out of the collector’s box they come in). The Xenomorph is probably one of the most wanted in the set, and it does impress. It’ll be nice to see it stood next to the Predator model which will come in the future. Just don’t let it remind you of Alien vs. Predator. We don’t want any nightmares from that movie again.

The Eaglemoss Alien and Predator Figurine Collection is released at $9.95 (£9.99 in the UK) and post and packaging is free. For the price they come at, this is a really nice model so if you want to build up a nice collection of Alien and Predator figurines then this is a nicely priced collection to take up that opportunity. Just be careful how you handle them as they do tend to break easy if handles roughly. The bigger designs though, like the Alien and Predator Figurine Collection do tend to be a bit tougher, just don’t test that out.

**** 4/5

The Alien and Predator Figurine Collection is available from the official website for the collection. For US customers the figurines cost $9.95, with the UK paying £9.99. Postage and packing is free.

Review originally posted on PissedOffGeek

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