20th Mar2017

Online gaming in 2017

by James Smith


No one quite expected online gaming to take off in the way it has. Back in the old days of dial up, the idea that we could play all sorts of games at the click of a button was far in the future, but now its swiftly becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Now, we’re seeing the increasingly rich world of video games begin to incorporate a stronger online focus, including shifting their games to online platforms. This includes popular forms of gaming you’d normally find on consoles and PCs.

As a result, the world of online gaming has acquired a diverse and thriving community of players with a diverse range of interests and preferences. But why is this exactly? Put simply, the progress that we’ve made in technology in the last ten years now means that almost anything is possible; all you really need is an internet connection and a computer or smart device.

The internet connects us all together, providing us with a way to communicate with people on the other side of the world with ease, and from a gaming aspect this is a huge, mostly untapped market. By taking advantage of an online platform, video game companies can open up their products to everyone online and earn money in monthly fees. One of the best success stories of the online game industry is, without a doubt, Blizzard. The company that created the record smashing World of Warcraft is exclusively played online and has become one of the fastest growing and passionate online communities out there. People can hook up the internet and be connected with thousands of other players, allowing them to forge new friendships and carve out unique gaming experiences for themselves.

Online gaming is becoming so popular because it’s simple to do, fun to play and offers plenty of variety in a single location. Online gaming portals in particular allow players to play games anytime, any place, anywhere through internet browers. Sites like Joy Land, which is among the largest sources of top free online games hosting ahuge selection of more than 500 online games for all ages in a variety of categories, feature games of every genre: arcade games, shooting games, dress-up games, word games, and RPG games – all of which can be played instantly!

As technology continues to improve, online gaming will soon be the favoured genre of video games, with more and more console-based products offering online features and options for co-operative play and group events online. As can be seen, online games have become incredibly diverse and has a lot to offer gaming enthusiasts, and that’s why plenty of online game portals have invested a lot of time and effort into cultivating their online presence, which means that their online customer base has flourished. So much so that eSports – the pinnacle of online gaming is now big business, with sponsors, tournaments and huge prize funds which allow gamers to take what once was a hobby to the professional level. Yes, playing video games is now a career!

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