07th Mar2017

‘Snatch: the Series’ looks amazing!

by Catherina Gioino


It’s already great to hear there’s going to be a series on the cult classic SnatchIt’s even better to see the wide array of actors Crackle signed on. But now a teaser trailer was just released… and wow, next week cannot come fast enough.

Crackle is set to release ten one-hour episodes of the new Snatch series next Thursday, March 16. Alex De Rakoff (who has previous experience with Grand Theft Auto) is directing the series – as well as wrote several of the episodes, and stars your childhood actors all grown up.

Completely unrecognizable from his Harry Potter past, Rupert Grint sheds Ron Weasley for Charlie Cavendis– and he looks good. Phoebe Dynevor, of Waterloo Road and Prisoners Wives, plays Lotti Mott, while Scream Queens’ Lucien Laviscount plays Billy Ayers and American Gothic’s Stephanie Leonidas plays Chloe Koen. Also in the show include Tamer Hassan (Kickass) as Harry and Juliet Aubrey (The Infiltrator) as Lily Hill.

The story will stay mildly similar to the ones we expect from the movies: a bunch of tough guys think they’re making a quick buck by running into a truckload of money and valuable goods– only to find out they are now wanted for more than just robbery. Running in the middle of a drug deal gone wrong, this odd bunch of rather twisted characters have to depend on each other to survive and get away cleanly.

It is important to note that there was a series made out of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels two years after the film came out. Only seven episodes of Lock, Stock… were released in 2000 until it was cancelled mid-season – perhaps considering some competition with the release of Snatch at the same time. However, it has been 17 years since Snatch was released and it looks like there might be more to play around with than the two for Lock, Stock, but we will just have to wait for the series release.

So just what can we expect from this new web series? And who exactly are these eccentric characters and in what way are they somehow related to the characters we know from the movies? Most importantly, is Guy Ritchie somewhere laughing it up or slowly drinking alone on a bar stool? These are the questions we have to wait until next Thursday to see, but until then, check out the season trailer as well as the recently released teaser.

Season 1 Trailer:

Latest Teaser/Trailer:


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