06th Mar2017

‘Legion 1×04’ Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Aubrey Plaza, Jean Smart, Mackenzie Gray, Scott Lawrence, Katie Aselton, Tatyana Forrest, Jeremie Harris, Bill Irwin, Amber Midthunder | Created by Noah Hawley


If there is one thing we know about David (Dan Stevens) it is that he is an enigma, and Legion is taking its time in revealing the true answer. With him seemingly out of action though, this week we get to see the rest of the team search for answers.

While David is having an out-of-body experience and meeting Dr. Bird’s (Jean Smart) husband Oliver (Jemaine Clement), the rest of the group go on a road trip to find out the truth behind David. Finding out a darker side to his past though, it isn’t long before The Eye (Mackenzie Gray) catches up with them.

It seems each week I’m saying that this is the latest episode is the best so far, but this one really is. With David moving to the astral plane, we finally get to meet Oliver Bird, and find out where he is. Jermain Clement shines as the dancing but lost character who helps David to get some focus and connect him to the real world.

It is interesting to see that while he apparently seems to have forgotten the real world, Oliver still connects to it. Will we see him return to his wife so they can live happily ever after? While I doubt it would happen, it would be nice to see. Any chance to see more of Clement dancing would also be a plus too.

Getting back to the show though, David still dominates proceedings with his confrontations with the yellow eyed creature that stalks him even on the astral plain. Answers to exactly who (or what) he is are obviously coming, but for now we learn that the creature is a companion that does help David, but for its own selfish needs. It appears also that Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) as a character may not be all they seem.

One thing I will reveal this week in Legion though is that there is another character who is stealing this show (or two characters to be fair). Cary Loudermilk (Bill Irwin) and Kerry (Amber Midthunder) finally get to shine in this episode. We see some of their backstory and get to understand just why Kerry is. We’ve seen hints of how she is connected to Cary, but when she gets some freedom this week we see her in her true awesomeness. While the focus has to be on David and Syd (Rachel Keller) of course, it is still a highlight to see Cary do the brainy stuff, while Kerry kicks major ass.

To see just why Cary and Kerry make such an impact, watch the end of the episode to see Kerry’s fight, and the episode at its best. The choreography, the cinematography, and the editing is so good, which just emphasises the connection between the two characters and how they react to each other’s situations. The scenes are a very good example of what makes Legion stand out so much.

Next week may be the week where some big revelations are made about David and his powers, but this week the foundation for what is to come. What I really like about Legion at this point though is that, even though the focus is on David as a character, the supporting cast of misfits are just as interesting. With Bill Irwin and Amber Midthunder stealing some of the spotlight this week, it leads into the possibility of the show focusing on different characters, and that in the end could be what keeps Legion a fan favourite for some time. Oh, and Jemaine Clement’s dancing of course.

***** 5/5

Legion can be seen in the UK every Thursday on Fox at 9pm.

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