01st Mar2017

‘The Mason Brothers’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Keith Sutliff, Brandon Pearson, Micheal Ryan Whelan, Mathew Webb, Julien Cesario, Tim Park, Carlotta Montanari, Erica Souza, Steve Bethers, Pelé Kizy | Written and Directed by Keith Sutliff


It has been some time since I sat down to watch a good heist movie, so when I received The Mason Brothers and read things like “Inspired by films like The Untouchables and Reservoir Dogs,” well call me an old romantic for those films in particular but that comparison made me give this one a shot for sure.

I’m going to put something right on front street when it comes to this movie. When it says “Inspired by Reservoir Dogs” it REALLY means inspired by… However as my esteemed podcast co-host said “there are worse movies to be inspired by”.

The Mason Brothers is the story of a group of bank robbers who as you may imagine are also brothers. We join the crew right after a heist has just gone really wrong and we witness the aftermath where one of the brothers dies. We then spend the night with the other 3 as they hide out waiting for an associate to track down the members of the other crew who screwed them over. The story is given to us in present time and flashbacks, so as the night unfolds and we start to find out who exactly set the guys up, caused there brother to die and wants the cash for themselves. Meanwhile via flashbacks we find out how they planned the job, who they cut into the deal and motivations for why and who did this to the brothers. That about covers it… Obviously there are twisty turn-y things but hey, no spoilers here.

Keith Sutliff in his directorial debut has hit upon something great here. He has assembled a good cast with some great chemistry and like most first time directors even throws himself into the mix on acting duties. Sutliff has a real flair for dialogue and it flows throughout. Sometimes screaming ‘you do love a Tarantino flick, dont you!!’ but at the same time freshening up a genre that often feels stale. I was real impressed with this as a Debut movie because it looks great has some real interesting choices with the editing and camera work but everything fits and the movie never loses sight of itself.

Quick word on the cast. As stated Sutliff plays brother Ren Mason, the planner, the mastermind and the strong silent type. Brandon Sean Pearson plays Jesse Mason the full blooded aggravated hot head of the crew. Personally I thought Pearson was the shining light of this Flick. Matthew Webb is Gage, a member of the group but not actually a Mason, I thought right the way through Gage was a wild card and I like to think that was a conscious decision. Rounding off the team is Micheal Ryan Whelan as Orion Mason who we only really see during the flashbacks but has some great little monologue-y scenes. Other supporters include Julien Cesario (Sons of Anarchy), Tim Park (Matador, Sons of Anarchy) and Nazo Bravo (Vigilante Diaries).

The script is nice and wordy (something I love) the core cast all deliver in a pretty well paced heist movie gone wrong – so, yeah I would say this is a definite recommend from us here!

The Mason Brothers will premiere at the Egyptian theater in Hollywood on April 11th; followed by a limited, multi-theater theatrical release beginning April 14th.


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