23rd Feb2017

Mobile gaming set for a record-breaking 2017

by James Smith

Whilst the gaming market has historically shown some impressive growth figures, it’s in the mobile gaming realm where things are really taking off. Thanks to a greater distribution of smartphone technology, new features like virtual and augmented reality, and new gaming options taking in everything from MOBA games to slots titles, it’s clear that we’re all becoming smartphone gamers.

The figures speak for themselves, with mobile gaming officially overtaking PC-based gaming with a growth rate of 21.3% in 2016 alone.  With no less than $52.5 billion in revenues picked up from mobile gaming last year, it’s clear that the mobile gaming market is increasingly lucrative.


Whilst the freemium model of mobile gaming has been much criticised, games developers like Supercell have become global players thanks to titles like Clash Royale that are free-to-play, but require further payments to proceed through the gameplay.

It’s a method that’s also been introduced in the recent Pokémon Duel game that can only hope to equal the incredible success of last summer’s Pokémon Go phenomenon. But it’s been nice to see the likes of Nintendo avoiding such tactics by allowing full access to their recent Super Mario Run hit for a one-off payment.

And whilst endless-runners and forthcoming MOBA titles like Planet of Heroes show that there are deeply established mobile gaming genres, there’s also been the rise of gaming brands like Elite Mobile Casino who allow adult gamers to choose from the richest choice of slots games with the minimum of fuss. In order to cater to this wide range of mobile games, it’s been interesting to see how our smartphones are evolving to become portable gaming platforms with infinity displays to fit more action on the screen.


Plus there have also been mobiles released like the Google Pixel that attempt to introduce virtual reality into the mobile gaming realm. This is because this smartphone is fully compatible with the Google Daydream View headset to offer a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive advanced headsets like the HTC Vive.

But trying to pin down individual trends in the mobile gaming realm is incredibly tough. This is because for every gamer who wants to keep it simple with a slots game, there will be another mobile user who wants to show of their smartphone’s graphics with the likes of Transformers: Forged to Fight. All of which shows just how diverse and profitable the current mobile gaming scene has become.

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