22nd Feb2017

First look at video nasty remake ‘Unhinged’

by Phil Wheat

Unhinged was one of many movies in the early 80s to find itself tangled up in the video nasties scandal here in the UK… However, unlike a lot of its “nasty” brethren, the film was less controversial, actualy playing more ike a traditional slasher movie than a gore-filled monstrosity. Which is why the film has since been re-released, without cuts; as most recently as 2014, when then-burgeoning UK distributor 88 Films put out the film on DVD.

Now I mention 88 Films as they, along with ITN Distribution have picked up a REMAKE, yes remake, of the former video nasty for a release on DVD and VOD this year. But wait, I hear you ask, who’s behind this remake? Well…

Proportion Productions, a new UK filmmaking shingle who have been churning out films such as Fox Trap, 12 Deaths of Christmas and The House on Elm Lake – all of which are due for DVD and VOD release worldwide sometime in October/November – are behind the film; with Unhinged marking the directorial feature debut of Dan Allen, who won the ‘Best Young Filmmaker’ award at the Coca-Cola Cinemagic Film Festival back in 2009.

Unhinged, which stars a bevy of British talent, including Kate Lister, Lucy Jane-Quinlan, Becky Fletcher, Louisa Warren – may of whom have appeared in other Proportion Productions output – is set for a release in September.

The official synopsis:

Four American girls travel through the backlands in North England travelling to a funeral. When the girls car breaks down due to barbed wire being left in the middle of the road, they girls must hike through the woods to find help. The girls instead come across a house in the middle of the woods owned by Miss Perkins who claims to live alone. Little do the girls know, an unknown evil lurks in the attic above them waiting to come face to face with each girl, and only then will the girls know what true horror is.

Actually, Unhinged might not be the last remake from Proportion Productions, they apparently are looking to remake (or as they put it “make a modern wink at…”) more classic slashers, throwing out titles such as Curtains, Black Christmas (1974) and House on Sorority Row… Sacrilege I say!






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