16th Feb2017

New UK trailer for Schwarzenegger’s ‘Aftermath’

by Phil Wheat

Aftermath is a nail-biting revenge film based on the real life incident where a man hunts down the air traffic controller he holds responsible for a plane crash that killed his wife and children.

Schwarzenegger, as he showed in Sabotage and the recent zombie film Maggie, has matured into an interesting dramatic actor; here, he is a thoughtful and imposing screen presence, but one who can dish out suitably ferocious revenge if is required. Like the recent box office hit Sully, Aftermath takes an extraordinary real life incident and turns it into nail-biting, must- see cinema: except this time with Arnie at the controls, which means audiences are in for a guaranteed thrill ride.

Directed by Elliott Lester (Blitz, Chop Shop, Sleepwalkers), and produced by Black Swan and The Wrestler director Darren Aronofsky, Aftermath also stars Maggie Grace and Scoot McNairy, and showcases Arnie on superb form as a man driven to the edge by tragedy, an unstoppable force who won’t let reason or the law slow him down.

Aftermath is released in the UK on April 7th.



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