30th Jan2017

Titan & Humble Bundle celebrate over 20 years of ‘Tank Girl’

by Kevin Haldon


Okay folks you all know I cant resist me some Tank Girl news, and this news is just too damn delicious to not let you know about. Yes, Titan Comics and Humble Bundle have announced the Tank Girl Humble Comics Bundle!

So what exactly is Humble Bundle?? Well I am glad you asked…

Humble Bundle offers collections of video-games, books, and comics at a price determined by the customer. Content is divided into three tiers: pay $1 or more to purchase the first tier; pay $8 or more to purchase tier one and two; and pay $15 or more to get the content from all three tiers. A portion of each Humble Bundle sale goes to charity – since the company’s launch in 2010, over $85 million has been donated to charities around the world.

So basically you pay for what you want and a good cause gets a Kick Back!

From the press release:

This deal Launched on Wednesday January 25, and will be running for two-weeks, the bundle is a fantastic opportunity for you to discover this comic icon, or if you’re already an aficionado, to add to your digital library – while at the same time supporting the work of WaterAid.

Born in 1988 in British indie comics magazine “Deadline”, co-creators Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett delivered a foul-mouthed, chain-smoking, anarchic, shaven-haired heroine. Along with her main-squeeze, Booga the kangaroo, Jet Girl, Sub Girl, and a host of other friends (and enemies) she has gone on to be a scourge of the industry ever since, and nearly 30-years later is still launching on ever more supercharged, irreverent, Doc Martin-stomping escapades.

This must-have bundle takes you through the incredible, outrageous, and strictly 17+ life of Tank Girl, including an amazing array of comic talent! From the early black and white strips by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett; through The Gifting, Visions of Booga, and The Royal Escape,where Alan Martin was joined by Rufus Dayglo and Ashley Wood; to Everybody Loves, Carioca, and Bad Wind Rising; the return of Hewlett on 21st Century Tank Girl; and finally a tantalising taste of the all new Tank Girl trilogy with Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank and Tank Girl: Gold. It’s gonna be one helluva’ ride!

Visit https://www.humblebundle.com/books/tank-girl-comics-book-bundle for more information.


TIER ONE: Pay $1 or more for…

  • Tank Girl: Carioca #1-6
  • Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising #1-4

TIER TWO: Pay $8 or more for Tier One and…

  • Everybody Loves Tank Girl #1-3
  • Tank Girl: The Gifting #1-4
  • Tank Girl: Visions of Booga #1-4
  • Tank Girl: The Royal Escape #1-4

TIER THREE: Pay $15 or more for Tiers One, Two and…

  • Tank Girl Classic #1-5
  • 21st Century Tank Girl #1-3
  • Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank #1
  • Tank Girl: Gold #1

So there you go people get your self some awesome Tank Girl content and give to a good cause at the same time…


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