28th Jan2017

Nerd Buy: ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ action figures

by Phil Wheat

Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t in cinemas until the Summer, but that doesn’t stop Hasbro from unveiling their action figures tie-ins from the film… Which actually give us a closer look at the films Vulture, played by Michael Keaton, and his outfit.

Hasbro’s toy line includes a series of action figures, including Spider-Man in both his Tony Stark designed suit AND his homemade outfit, as well as The Vulture. Also set for release is the Vulture Attack Set – depicting Queens, New York – which stands over 20 inches tall and comes with a 6-inch Vulture figure. Also due in time for the film is the Spider Racer Vehicle – probably NOT in the movie to be fair (unless Tony Stark builds Spider-Man a car too) – which comes with a 6-inch Spidey action figure.

Check out pictures of SOME of Hasbro’s forthcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming toy line below:









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