13th Jan2017

‘God Country #1’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Written by Donny Cates | Art by Geoff Shaw, Jason Wordie, John J. Hill | Published by Image Comics


On Wednesday of this week Image Comics dropped a new title on us called God Country and of all the books I read this NCBD this one really got me excited – for a refreshing story I can sink my teeth into. It also helps that writer Donny Cates (BuzzKill, The Paybacks) has hit the ground running at a hundred miles an hour and leaves you with aching blue-balls till the next issue.

God Country #1 starts with somewhat of a slow burn when our creator Donny Cotes shows us that, okay, this is a real world situation with some real world problems. We meet Roy and we are instantly shown that he is having some trouble trying to figure out his priorities between his family and his Alzheimer’s suffering father. There is a very clear struggle here with Roy’s wife Janey who is convinced that something bad is gonna happen when they are around Roy’s dad Emmet. We quickly find that her concerns are warranted when Emmet keeps having violent outbursts and screaming at their daughter.

The question is this though, how exactly could you turn back on your father who is clearly suffering? This is where the first issue truly lives for me. Writer Donny Cates has decided instead of throwing the fathers disease in there as a simple sub plot and move on, he is going to shine a light on it and show us the effects and strain it can have on the family. This really helped me identify with Roy and meant I was in for the ride. Of course I was completely thrown by where that ride went when it became this massive huge epic tale that has got me excited. No spoilers here though.

The story and the great dialogue between the family and Emmet is wonderfully accompanied with awesome art from Geoff Shaw (BuzzKill). Shaw’s art was gloriously realistic and while it kept me grounded I was left with a feeling all the way through that there was something huge bubbling away… Boy was I right. This is a dream team pairing of writer and artist.

Overall, you need to pick this book up. God Country is going to be an epic tale of real world godliness. If you want to take a break from all the zombies or superheros this story is one for you. Luckily February ain’t too far away so I will get my monthly fix soon enough…

God Country #1 is out now from Image Comics.


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