11th Jan2017

Tom Holland teases ‘Fright Night 3’ – the novel!

by Phil Wheat


Interest in Tom Holland’s 1985 vampire opus Fright Night could not be any higher right now. Not only has the film just been released here in the UK as a limited edition Steelbook (via Zavvi) which sold out on pre-orders alone; but also the documentary You’re So Cool Brewster! The Story of Fright Night has also – finally – got into the hands of fans following its crowdfunding campaign.

Which is why the internet went crazy when the possibility of a THIRD film in the franchise arose (I guess we’re ignoring the remake and it’s sequel, a film I actually rather enjoyed), following a series of tweets from Tom Holland regarding copyright possibly returning to him in a couple of years time. However, it seems people misread the situation and Holland is actually penning a new prose novel, as he clarified yesterday…

From Tom Holland’s Facebook page:

I am writing Fright Night 3 as a novel. That is not news. I’ve been openly talking about that for months as I am having so much fun writing it. A film though? That’s a huge leap people! If I’m lucky I can get back my copyright in 2 years via the copyright act of 1976. (35 yrs) So maybe in 2 years I’ll think about a FN movie. I have to finish the novel first :) Thanks for all the Fright Night love!

So there MIGHT be a Fright Night 3 novel coming, which MIGHT spawn a new movie. It’s hard not to be a little skeptical but on the other hand the prospect of further adventures of Charlie Brewster does get this 80s kid a little (over) excited.


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