09th Jan2017

‘Assassin’s Creed #14’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Anthony Del Col, Conor McCreery | Art by Neil Edwards | Published by Titan Comics


So here we are, the final issue of the title that launched Titan’s Assassin’s Creed stable of books. Fourteen issues seems way too short, but in this era of continually new and defined story arcs, continually new number 1’s, and stories specifically paced to fill the right amount of pages in an upcoming collection, par for the course. I’ll miss the book and its creative team, but I’m guessing the characters will still show up elsewhere. If they all survive this last issue of course.

So where were we? Last issue had seen Charlotte inhabiting the body of Hiram Stoddard, a sixteenth century ancestor. As the dramatics of that era played out, back in the present at the Erudito compound ,where Charlotte and the Assassins are based, all hell was breaking loose. The Templars had launched an all out assault, and it was every Assassin for themselves, with Charlotte especially at risk. The issue kicks off with the sad death of Kody, hurt in the initial melee. Charlotte and the survivors start their move across the island, heading towards some hidden boats to escape on. Two things elsewhere are also happening they are unaware of. The Templars are tracking them, and will intercept sooner rather than later, and wildcard former Assassin Joseph has reappeared with Galina, to help rescue Charlotte.

On reaching the caves, Charlotte has two revelations of sorts. One, with her ‘eagle vision’ ability she senses the caves are unsafe, and a trap is waiting. Secondly, more importantly, she realises just how the Templars found this ‘secret’ island. She suspects a tracker was planted inside her, by Sanchez in Mexico, and that she has been leading the Templars to the Assassins all along. Charlotte’s arguing her corner with leader Florencia also shows her leadership abilities start to surface, as the team side with her plan over Florencia’s. It’s all breathless stuff as we move between Joseph’s team, Florencia’s team, and Charlotte acting by herself as a decoy, luring the Templars out.

When the ending comes, it’s bittersweet. Joseph is badly injured, seemingly fatally (though we never see him actually die… hmmm), but all the others meet up and escape in the collective nick of time, in a stolen Templar chopper. They’ve taken some heavy hits, but have survived to fight another day. Charlotte is now, in many ways, reborn. She feels guilt for her part in the Templars attack, and her resolve now, to be the best Assassin she can, is stronger than ever. For us, the readers, it is an ending. For Charlotte, in her world, it is the beginning.

This issue was a fine resolution to Charlotte’s story, and one that concentrated on the present and not the past. Plenty of spills and thrills, as they say, saw Del Col and McCreery go out with a bang. If it felt a little rushed right at the end we can forgive them that, as they delivered so much. Neil Edwards ended his artistic tenure with as strong an issue as he has drawn over the entire book. Great layouts and storytelling, Charlotte never looked so good, and technically a joy to look at. The composition of page 4, for example, was incredibly effective. Great writing and artistry, as we’ve come to expect.

It was all worth it, for my money. One or two stutters along the way, but overall a strong 14 issue story, with engaging characters and fantastic use of the Assassin’s Creed universe. I’ll miss Charlotte especially, which is a huge compliment to the creative team for making her so real. Still, she’ll be back, and so will we.


**** 4/5

Assassin’s Creed #14 is out now from Titan Comics.


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