07th Jan2017

‘The Walking Dead #163’ variant shows us if Rick had become Negan!

by Kevin Haldon

Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment have revealed a very special limited variant cover for Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s The Walking Dead #163.

It has often been a question in The Walking Dead comics and TV show: what is it that makes Rick so different to Negan? Many a time Rick Grimes has skirted the line of basically becoming everything he hates in the popular franchises biggest baddest baddie. However he never quiet gets there thanks to the family of survivors built around him. Well creator of the comic book Robert Kirkman and longstanding artist Charlie Adlard have decided to show us the reader how bad ass Rick would look in Negan garb.



With artwork by series artist Charlie Adlard, The Walking Dead #163 Cover B will feature full colors by Dave Stewart and an image of series protagonist Rick Grimes dressed in series antagonist Negan’s characteristic leather motorcycle jacket and holding the iconic Lucille barbed bat.

The Walking Dead #163 is going to be the starting point of the long running comic books new story arc after having just finished up the Whisperer War which is leaving many fans wondering the fate of Carl. Which in turn will probably add more fuel to Chandler Riggs rumors… Or maybe not, it could just be Kirkman messing with us… Again.

Limited quantities of both The Walking Dead #163 Cover B by Adlard and Stewart and The Walking Dead #163 Cover C (B&W version) by Adlard will be available on Wednesday, February 1st – the official date of Image Comics’ 25th anniversary. Final order cutoff for comics retailers is Monday, January 9th.

We can all agree though, as covers go this one is awesome as balls.



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