04th Jan2017

New Year? Time to declutter your man-cave!

by Phil Wheat

If you’re like me you collect a LOT of stuff… As someone who lives and breathes pop culture I tend to hoard a lot of items over the course of a year, especially video games, DVDs and Blu-rays – which I tend to buy a lot of. After all, how else do you think we review the latest movies and games?

Now you could go digital and save on all those discs but just what do you do with a film digitally if you don’t like it? You can’t resell it or pass it on to a friend. You can do that, and more, with physical media however. But discs equal clutter and if, like me, you like to start each new year afresh, what do you do with all those unwanted movies and games?

Well you could pass them on to friends, if you’re feeling particularly generous of course. Or you could trade them in. Stores like CEX and Game will take your old movies and games and give you cash and/or store credit for your media. But then there’s the hassle or sorting through your items, checking the prices online before you go (which is a lengthy task in the case of CEX’s cumbersome website), and then trudging to your nearest store.

But what if there was an easier way?

You may have tried sites like Music Magpie in the past or even their scanning app (which, last time I used it, refused to scan half my discs). But I for one was never happy with their low prices for trade ins. So where else to go? How about Zapper.co.uk which, back in October 2012, featured on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den:

Why Zapper though? Well where else can you sell not only movies and games but books, CDs, mobile phones, electronics and – get this – LEGO! And best of all, Zapper has both an Android and iPhone app, allowing you to scan the barcodes on your items and save on all the hassle of typing in titles, running a search and selecting the right product. With the Zapper app you can simply scan your items or enter barcode details into the valuation engine, and receive an instant quote for your unwanted media.

From there, all you need to do is package all your items into a box and post them to Zapper using the Collect+ service. Yes, postage is completely free… All you have to do then is sit back and wait for the cash to come. Simple!


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