21st Dec2016

How virtual casino games can become addictive

by James Smith


Doctors working on pathological gambling think that staying away from virtual casino games can result in excessive irritability and temporary sleep deprivation. There is also a high chance of patients getting back to gambling online. This bad habit causes no physical dependence.

Gambling online is one of such habits, for instance slots, casino, card games, sports betting, and other types of entertainment designed to keep people busy and excited on weekends. Addiction to virtual casino games is developing. Gambling can result in addiction that is similar to alcohol or even drug addiction. But compulsive gambling online isn’t related to consuming any substances which affect mental health.

Pathological gambling online addiction, or “ludomania” as it is referred to in science, is a very serious problem which requires responsible and objective approach to solving. First of all, before ever playing virtual casino games, especially for real money, every one of you should acknowledge responsibility you take by making this choice. Casino games are very addictive.

Ludomania: Problems and Responsibility

Online casino games become a problem when people can’t stop playing and feel strong emotions. When gambling, it’s dopamine system which works intensively making almost all brain systems more active.

Addiction and Treatment

Of course, if you realize you or someone you know has gambling online addiction, you should understand that you won’t be able to overcome it by yourself. Chemical reactions that occur during gambling online are amazing and people feel happy.

Emotions people feel when playing at casino are stronger than any other emotion people feel in their everyday lives. That will inevitably result in emotional exhaustion followed by the desire to fill the emotional gap. Everyday life can’t provide most of the people with such strong emotions they feel when playing virtual casino games, meaning people produce less adrenaline than they need. As a result, casino players get addicted. They want to feel again and again those emotions, that crazy adrenaline rush they had when playing casino games.

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