12th Dec2016

Playstation 4 fans have found new joy with Call of Duty Pro Gaming

by James Smith


Esports are growing fast. Too fast probably. PC is heading the ranks with titles like Dota2, League of Legends, Starcraft and so on and so forth. FPS games were classically attributed to mouse and keyboard gameplay as well until recently.

The team behind Call of Duty chose a different path for their brainchild and pioneered the path of professional console rumbles. They teamed up with Xbox for the revolution. A revolution that worked! Alas we are now entering a new era. An era of Playstation dominance.

New esports-friendly features were announced on Gamescom back in 2015. It took a while for them to adapt to mainstream though but we are now packed and ready. 2017 promises to be the hottest year for PS4 players and backers. Call of Duty betting is open for new hearts and domains as well, all thanks to Black Ops 3.

What’s so groundbreaking?

The world is already used to the concept of professional PS4 gameplay mostly because we’ve got the hang of features like:

  • Players can lock in for their favorite (or most needed) Specialist of choice;
  • Ban and Protect allows for players to embrace a more competitive gameplay by banning OP guns & gear. This means a team can ban their opponents from using certain elements, while protecting some pivotal mechanics that are important to their set of skills.

What can the Xbox say about the concept?

All of us know that Xbox sponsored all previous Black Ops matches and tournaments in 2013, 2014 as well as 2015. Will they mind the new partnership of the game with Sony? It does allow for PS4 players to have early access to features, unique DLC sets and exclusives.

Well, technically, Xbox never had a choice because, apparently, Sony offered the bigger bid for the partnership and they are now the ones at the wheel.


Will CoD put an end to console wars?

The shift, while being a massive punch straight under Microsoft’s stomach is not at all re-defining the industry. There is still a plethora of Xbox exclusive titles. Yet the change has definitely started an awesome trend where games are available for players all across the world regardless of the hardware they use. Just look at the Gears of War and how they are now open to everyone.

Will Halo be the next step? Will we se the end of the console wars in the nearest future without a definitive looser? Who knows? Only time can tell, although my money is still on Sony.

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