30th Nov2016

Cine Asia to return with Benny Chan epic ‘Call of Heroes’

by Phil Wheat

For fans of Far East action, be it bullet-ballets, martial art epics or heroic bloodshed films, the name Cine Asia used to mean a LOT. Taking up the baton from the defunct Hong Kong Legends label, for five years Cine Asia put out some fantastic films from the Far East on DVD and Blu-ray. That was until 2012, when all went a little quiet (or rather sparse) on the home format front, with the company focusing on cinematic releases and rehashes of their existing catalogue…

However, on the eve of their 10th anniversary it seems Cine Asia is back with a vengeance and back in the DVD and Blu-ray game – returning to a now-crowded market (Cine Asia will have to compete with 88 Films new 88 Asia strand and Terracotta Distribution, who have been putting out some fantastic kung-fu flicks of late) with Benny Chan’s Call of Heroes, a martial arts epic set in the warlords era of China in which a small village fights to defend itself against an overwhelming onslaught.

From the press release:

Blistering, epic-scale action from director Benny Chan (New Police Story, Shaolin), with action director Sammo Hung (Ip Man, Detective Dee), Call of Heroes thrills throughout in its tale of skilled martial artists, who take a stand to protect their village against a ruthless army.

In 1914, after the collapse of China’s Qing dynasty, Yang Kenan (Sean Lau – Mad Detective) is appointed as guardian to defend the rural village of Pucheng. When a lone man enters the village and takes innocents lives, Yang makes the decision that he must be sentenced to death. It emerges that this man is Cao Shaolun (Louis Koo – Flash Point), son of a sadistic warlord, and his army demands the son is released, threatening to bring death and destruction. The village soon becomes split between those who want to stand against the warlord, and those who want to set Cao free in a bid for peace. 
As the odds for peace lessen and the pressure mounts for Yang to release the murderous captive, a stirring tale of heroic resistance unfolds as he and a team of skilled villagers make a last stand against the warlord’s vicious army. In the face of insurmountable odds, heroes will rise.

Call of Heroes will be available on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD on January 2nd 2017. Special features on the DVD/Blu include: Making of Featurettes, 4 x Character Trailers, International Trailer and Artwork Gallery. Check out the trailer and artwork below:



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