24th Nov2016

‘Deadly Intent’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Rebecca Reaney, Gus Barry, Elester Latham, Lara Lemon, Peter Lloyd, Shawn McDonald, Vic Stagliano, Adam Birdsey, Ian Birdsey | Written by Diana Townsend | Directed by Rebekah Fortune


It’s fair to say, I am on a pretty big indie-movie kick right now… Trying to rekindle my love of the the movie gems you can find out there if you just look past the Top 10 of the moment. In doing this we have created a spin-off of our podcast in which we will endeavour to promote indie cinema and indie releases on such formats as VOD, because not everything has to be capes and spandex – or break a billion at the box office!

Deadly Intent is a movie I would stick in the above category. A low budget, few thrills, intense psychological horror/thriller, that lives up to all that it promises. Think The Babadook and you’re somewhere close. This is a tense movie that runs at its own pace and is driven by the performances of its leading female (Rebecca Reaney) as a mother who’s thread is slowly being unwoven and James (Gus Barry) a child who is struggling to deal with the loss of his father. But wait something is afoot…

Running a scant 90 minutes, Deadly Intent is a flick that takes half the time your normal thriller would take to actually get into things and best of all – it keeps the momentum going until the closing credits.

Rebecca Reaney plays Bryony, a mother who is really trying to keep it together for her son James after the death of his father. As with every child in a movie of this genre, James begins to have some paranormal interaction with his father. Not in a Field of Dreams “Do you wanna play catch” type of way, more of a “If I’m heading to the light your coming with me” kind of way! As things really begin to turn to shit for our mother and son we are also given a backstory of the lead up to the fathers supposed death in the form of flashbacks, we find him to be a former soldier suffering from PTSD and, well he’s not a very nice man.

Deadly Intent held my attention in a way I was not really expecting, you hear the words “British, “Horror”, “Thriller” and it doesn’t immediately fill you with hope. However this country has been able to make some real corkers at times and like I say I’m on an indie kick so this fell directly into my wheelhouse. Very well executed by not only its reasonably small cast of characters but also script wise – from first time feature writer Diana Townsend – and directorially. Deadly Intent really doesn’t out stay its welcome, and you can really draw comparisons with movies like The Babadook (which is a cult darling so thats never a bad thing).

Deadly Intent is a powerful, viseceral, performance driven, unnerving British horror- thriller… Reaney is superb… I recommend you give this flick a watch if only for the performances given by Rebecca Reaney and the rest of the cast. As for the movies director Rebekah Fortune? Well I fully expect to be seeing more from this woman in the future.

Deadly Intent is now available On Demand in the US.


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