16th Nov2016

Back This!: The Vipers Hex / Euro Cult Restoration Project

by Phil Wheat

Welcome to the latest edition of our regular crowdfunding feature here on Nerdly – Back This! – where we take a look at some of the cool content taking the crowdfunding route on sites such as Indiegogo, Sponsume and Kickstarter. This month we’re spotlighting two very different projects, yet two projects which share a common theme: movies.



The Viper’s Hex is a feature length Japanese horror film set in Tokyo. The film sets out to explore the psyche of Kiyo, a cursed and lonely hostess who falls pregnant to a foreigner named Anchin. The story is loosely based on the 11th century Yokai folklore tale named Kiyohime. It will be the fourth feature film by Black Forest Films – the teams behind Chocolate, Strawberry Vanilla, Under A Kaleidoscope, Lowlife Love, Mondo Yakuza and The Perfect Nonsense.

Kiyo, a cursed and lonely hostess is shunned by society. She spends her days propositioning men in the cold heart of Tokyo under the control of a violent pimp named Tetsuya. When she comes across a charismatic foreigner named Anchin, a relationship blossoms… But on New Year’s Eve 2017, both of their lives are turned upside down as she falls pregnant to his child. Upon hearing this news, Anchin abandons Kiyo leaving her heartbroken. Now alone, she turns to a vengeful spirit that has haunted her from birth known only as The Viper.

Perks for this campaign start at as little as $1, which gets you a social media shout-out; and also includes a triple-disc limited edition copy of The Viper’s Hex on DVD or Blu-ray, special thanks in the credits, posters, DVDs – and for those willing to spend a little extra: either an Associate Producer or Co-Producer credit.

For more information and to see all the perks, etc. check out the Indiegogo campaign page for The Viper’s Hex.



Nucleus Films, one of the UK’s leading cult film labels, has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to remaster two classic Italian cult movies from the original negatives: Death Laid an Egg (La morte ha fatto l’uovo, 1967) and Lady Frankenstein (La figlia di Frankenstein, 1971). Both films will be remastered from the Italian negatives for the very first time. The campaign will give fans the chance to finally own definitive 2k restored versions of these highly sought after cult classics as ultimate collectible Blu-ray limited editions.

The plan is to raise £10,000 and restore Lady Frankenstein its original 35mm negatives in 2K, with English and Italian audio tracks, plus newly created English subtitles. If the campaign hits £20,000 and Death Laid an Egg gets restored, again from the 35mm negatives in 2K, with English and Italian audio tracks, plus newly created English subtitles. If they hit £25,000 Nucleus Films will produce fantastic extra features for both films. These will include brand new, in-depth featurettes and new audio commentaries by UK genre experts including Kim Newman and Alan Jones.

With 13 days to go as of writing, the Euro Cult Cinema Restoration Project has raised a whopping £18,356 by offering perks such as back catalogue Nucleus Film DVD releases, a discount on their latest titles, as well as the usual DVD and Blu-ray options for owning the restored movies. And for those willing to spend a little extra there’s also the opportunity to sit in on the recording of an audio commentary session featuring Alan Jones and Kim Newman!

Those who pledge will receive exclusive collectors’ numbered limited edition slipcases and a ‘thank you’ credit check for supporting the restoration. If you pledge at ANY LEVEL you are guaranteed a Blu-ray copy of Lady Frankenstein. So, the more you pledge the more you get! Check out all the perks available and the pitch video for the Nucleus Films Euro Cult Cinema Restoration Project, which is now live on Indiegogo.


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