14th Nov2016

What your favourite TV characters’ lockers might look like

by James Smith

Ever looked into your sad empty locker, occupied by a sock and an old water bottle and thought ‘I wonder what Rick Grimes’ locker would look like?’ Well, luckily for you your imagining days are over. Now you can literally see how the other half live, or at least what they would put in their school lockers, if they had them.

Here is a sneak peek of what we believe your favourite TV characters would be stashing in their lockers:

Rick Grimes: The Walking Dead


Rick has been through a lot and as a result doesn’t have many possessions left. This is probably why his locker looks more like the evidence room in a police station than a place for storage, holding his trusty pistol and machete, ready for any zombie action that may be thrown his way. He keeps his old sheriff’s badge on the top shelf as a reminder of the old days before the living dead and rebel groups of psychos took over the world and, if he is ever feeling down, he has a picture of his son Carl and his crush, Michonne, to cheer him up. But being Rick he can’t allow himself to forget who his enemies are, particularly the super tool that is Negan.

Eleven: Stranger Things


Despite saying around 12 words in the entire series, Eleven was a big character in the Netflix hit series, Stranger Things. Her locker would primarily contain Eggo waffles that she obviously shop- lifted using her awesome telekinetic powers, she also has a spare blonde wig at hand to ensure she is ‘still pretty’ in the eyes of her ’friend’ and obvious crush Mike Wheeler, a picture of whom is secretly hanging in her locker. She also still has a soft spot for the man she knew as Papa, although his intentions were selfish and his methods sadistic, he is the only parent Eleven has known, you can’t choose your family, right? And because she kicks ass, she has a walkie-talkie and a torch on hand, ready to chase the monster right back into the upside down. Who run the world? GIRLS!

Piper Chapman: Orange is the New Black


For a woman in prison Piper has a surprising amount of stuff, and from what we have seen, is quite precious about it. She would definitely keep her books in her locker to stop the other inmates from ’borrowing’ them. She also has a left over supply of ramen noodles, currency from her used panty business. No matter how much she bounces back and forth, we all know she loves Alex Vause and is totally over Larry! To brighten up her locker she would probably have a couple of dandelions from Crazy Eyes, yes they’re weeds but you can’t be too picky in prison!

Jon Snow: Game of Thrones


Everyone’s favourite Stark, Jon Snow, would definitely keep his sword in his locker, it has to be quite heavy so would probably need a rest every now and then. After his [spoiler alert] death, we assume that he would have to keep himself looking fresh with the use of embalming fluid, can’t let those chiselled looks turn green! He is a softy so has a teddy version of his white wolf Ghost stashed away for cuddles as well as a picture of him and his gal, Ygritte.

Saul Goodman (James McGill): Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad


Its show time folks! Our favourite criminal lawyer delighted Breaking Bad fans when he came back in his own spin off series. Money is important to Saul, and always has been, right from his Slippin’ Jimmy days to almost present day (current Cinnabon employment excluded). We would expect that he would have some ‘fat stacks’ on hand ready to fuel his lust of expensive suits and masseuse visits. You would also find a collection of his character defining ‘wacky’ ties, his vital hands-free ear piece and a few sweet snacks from, you guessed it, CINNABON. He is a little egotistical, whether this is a front or not we don’t know, so he would have definitely have a ‘world’s best lawyer mug’ and a poster of himself to remind him just how awesome he is.


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