11th Nov2016

‘Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


If there is one thing we can be sure of it is that the horror anthology movie is back. We’ve seen the likes of VHS and ABCs of Death get most of the notoriety in this resurgence, but there is also a rise in smaller budget films too. Once of these was the Volumes of Blood, which I reviewed for Truly Disturbing. Now that the sequel Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories has been released, the question is, does it provide the same entertainment to horror fans?

When Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories first started I wasn’t sure what to expect. It appeared to be straight into horror territory with a fairly linear story. This changes, with a brief jump out of the “movie” and into another where once again we are met with horror. Thankfully, things calm down a bit when the opening credits roll and the false starts end.

The main part of Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories is connected by a house that has been put up for sale. As the prospective buyers walk around the house, the audience sees a horrific tale full of gore connected to it.

What I liked about the new Volumes of Blood is the fact that there may be a few that focus on the good old slasher style of horror, some do tend to mix it up a bit. My favourite twist came in a Christmas tale which is something of a slow burner, which at first keeps you guessing as to what direction it is heading. It manages to be creepy, and in the end satisfying, and stands out as the best part of the anthology.

Fans of horror will like Volumes of Horror: Horror Stories because it understands what horror is. It manages to be fun, and isn’t afraid to show the gore when needed. It is also impressive to note that the special effects are mostly prosthetic, which is getting rare to see. This is obviously a sign that the film was made by a true horror fan who likes to keep their gore old school.

With films like these there does tend to be signs of its low-budget roots, and while there are some, they don’t detract from the fun. The acting holds up where it counts and the already praised special effects never look cheap, and this is what matters. The focus is on keeping the film fun, and thankfully (for the audience) this is exactly what we get. One flaw I did find with Volumes of Horror: Horror Stories is that it does feel a little too long. One of the reasons I think this is, is the opening story which could have been shorter. What I will say though is that I can put up with the length of the movie just to see some of the nice little camera angle choices and added little scenes which felt like homage to the horror genre.

I often find that horror anthologies have at least one story that weakens the rest, but that wasn’t the case here. If I was forced to, maybe I could find one. However that feels like an unneeded exercise to find a flaw in a great movie though.

I’m not saying that Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories does not have its flaws; the truth is it has many. What I wanted when I watched this movie was a fun movie with plenty of gore. This is exactly what I was presented with.

**** 4/5

Review originally posted on PissedOffGeek

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