11th Nov2016

‘Leopard’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Tom Hopper, Jack Reynor, Eoin Macken, Rebecca Night, Liam Carney, Charlotte Atkinson, Melia Kreiling, Brian Fortune, Laura Hopper, Anthony Murphy | Written and Directed by Eoin Macken


Anyone who listens to our podcast knows that while Chris and myself love the fanfare of the huge blockbuster Marvel/DC/Star Wars releases. But nothing can quite compare to the smaller independent films that you just know every second of screen time came straight from one persons passion to make a piece of cinema that is all their’s. A movie that can display such mastery of their craft and hit you square in the heart (or balls) and make you feel something that… In my opinion capes and spandex just can’t do that.

Leopard is exactly that type of movie.

A true passion piece that is driven by the wonderfully carefully calculated mind of its writer/director/actor, but smashed out of the park by his outstanding team of actors. Most reviews and articles I have read liken this movie to the wonderful Paris,Texas but I personally thought it had a feeling of Shane Meadows Dead Man Shoes.

Leopard tells the story of Jack (Eoin Macken. Merlin, NBCs Night Shift) and his brother Tom (Tom Hopper. Merlin, Black Sails). Jack is returning to his home town in Ireland after a prolonged absence and it is clear from the outset he is not all that welcome. We find that his father has passed away and he is back for the reading of the will along with his brother Tom who is not all there (think Lenny from Of Mice and Men). There relationship is fairly strained and we spend the course of the movie figuring out what happened 5 years ago and where that has left the two brothers now. Throw in some hostile locals, a left for dead girl to become the point of Toms fixation and a creepy strip club, and you have Leopard.

I cannot speak highly enough of this movie it ticks all of our boxes when looking for something a little bit different. The Irish setting not only makes for a great backdrop but also becomes a character within itself. The score to this movie is often hopeful and optimistic but full of eerie dread at the same time, truly wonderful. Eoin and Tom bring a level of chemistry you would hope for after there time together on Merlin. However I am going to say it here and now Tom Hopper is a Brit star to watch out for he smashed this out of the park. There is also a damn fine supporting cast in Jack Reynor (Transformers: Age of Extinction), Rebecca Night (Sky 1s The Starlings) and Helen Pearson (Mrs O from Hollyoaks).

Leopard is available now from Osiris Entertainment. Check it out, give it your support and most of all, let us know what you think!

Review originally posted on 365Filcks

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