10th Nov2016

‘Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear’ released on Steam

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Publisher Slitherine have released another tabletop game on PC. This time is is acclaimed World War 2 strategy game Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear. This faithful adaptation of the two player war game was designed and developed in cooperation with the original creator Uwe Eickert.

The PC version of Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear lets players battle against a range of AI opponents and other players with full lobby and forum support. Staying in line with the original game the PC version is easy to play and fast to learn, but hard to master. As well as being lots of fun and strategically thought provoking it is also historically accurate and educational. Slitherine have kept the original cardboard pieces, but also have an option for them to be replaced with graphically created tanks and soldiers.


There has been a massive shift in games and other content moving from a physical version only to online. Board games and card games especially have seen numerous successful releases on to PC and mobile devices. Classic board games like Carcassonne (pictured above) and Settlers of Catan have been on iOS and Android for a long time now and plenty of their expansions have been released as well. They are a great alternative to the physical game as they can be transported more easily and all the scoring is done automatically. You can now play other games like bingo online through a website or app. For more online bingo news and exclusive games check out Coral. Players are seeing technology integrate more with traditional tabletop games with games like the X-COM board game using an app as a major part of the game.

That isn’t to say that physical or analogue games are dying out. The opposite is true in fact. With board games sales increasing worldwide and more choice of games to play than ever it is an exciting time to be a tabletop fan. Modern board games are revolutionising the industry and they are becoming more fashionable. Gone are the days where all there was to play as Monopoly that would take the better part of a day to finish. With the enormous choice and range of board games people are bound to find something that appeals to their specific tastes. If they aren’t sure then they can always try the digital version first as they often much cheaper. As more games get made and they become more mainstream so too will the number of video games adaptions to bring these games to a greater audience.


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