08th Nov2016

‘Ash vs Evil Dead 2×06’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


It would take a lot to beat the second episode of Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2, featuring one of the best slapstick scenes of the series. We now have that episode, featuring a family reunion of sorts. This reunion is not only in story terms but also a returning actor from the very first Evil Dead movie.

With Ash (Bruce Campbell) and his group now making their way back to his father’s house, focus is on finding out just what is going on with Pablo (Ray Santiago). With Ruby (Lucy Lawless) doing her thing with Pablo, Ash finds himself having to enter his sister Cheryl’s room.

Fans of the first film will know that Cheryl is played by Ellen Sandweiss, and we also saw her in My Name is Bruce. With her return home to do battle with Ash we get plenty of tree themed jokes, because yes… THAT Evil Dead scene. Not only does this reunion work as a major focal point for the episode but it adds something a little special, and that is chemistry.

The work of Campbell, Sandweiss, and Raimi truly shines in these scenes as we see the veterans working together. Bringing back these characters of the past and bringing forth an epic battle is exactly what makes Ash vs Evil Dead so good for the fans. Thankfully we are not let down by such an event and it is also a well-managed gorefest. Not only does it allow for a lot of fun, but it also works into the plot to nicely round off the Ashy Slashy problem.

Baal’s (Joel Tobeck) part in this episode is to bring the baying mob to Ash’s door and to use them against Ash and the others. It is telling that in the reaction to the crowd attacking the house, Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) gets a nice scene with Ash, his comments on her answer to everything (violence) is actually quite touching. It is also a reaction that is focused on, especially between the two. I won’t spoil it what is actually said but you’ll notice it.

Next week’s episode is going to be an interesting one, with this one working well to build up into it. It seems that we’ll be moving into a more psychological encounter where Baal tries to get into Ash’s head. It’ll be interesting to see what they can do in the half hour episode they have to work with.

While I have thought that the runtime for each episode is starting to restrict Ash vs Evil Dead in some ways, this weeks didn’t have an issue. It had all the action we want from the show, and managed to continue Pablo’s story without having to cut corners. It may feel a little light in detail at times, but when Ash vs Evil Dead works well, it doesn’t need to get deep. The battle between Ash and Cheryl is well-played out and never feels rushed. Even the conclusion is well-timed.

Fans of Ash vs Evil Dead will no doubt look to the future of the show and hopes that it goes from strength to strength. With this sixth episode of the second season, we see an example of just why it should have plenty of life in it. It may use the strength of Evil Dead’s past to create something special, but this is exactly what can be built on to create a good show. Which is exactly what we have in Ash vs Evil Dead.

***** 5/5

Ash vs Evil Dead is available through Virgin Media VOD in the UK

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