13th Jun2016

DC Heroes Have Come To Slot Machines

by James Smith

You Can Now Win Batman’s Money Online – What A Time To Be Alive!


Have you ever dreamed of beating the likes of Batman, Superman, The Flash or the Green Lantern? Well, now you can. And you’ll get real money for it. DC heroes have entered the arena of slot machines and they’ve done so with a loud bang!

What are slot machines?

These devices differ in shapes and sizes from poker machines (pokies) to fruit liners or even one-armed bandits. It’s basically a gamble of man VS machine with luck at stake.

DC heroes have entered the arena recently adding more variety into the blend of these devices. People actually enjoy them more on mobile devices than in brick and mortar facilities. Here’s all you need to know about DC-based slot machines that can be found in the best online casinos throughout the internet.

Unlike online roulette these devices are quite friendlier to the player as people get a higher chance of success. A variety of lines is at their disposal meaning numerous combinations lead to victory. This means that luck isn’t really a curtail element of the gameplay.
Who develops these games?

Who are the leading companies that provide heroic entertainment to the masses?


• Microgaming. This team doesn’t have a superiorly impressive track record of DC-based slot machine games, yet they are one of the leaders in the market nonetheless. These guys have led online casino and site development industry for more than a decade now. An impressive success streak if you ask me. These guys are responsible for some of the industry’s most impressive jackpots. Their touch on the DC world was development and production of such entities as “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” games. Both are based on Nolan’s films and are met with praise by fans due to remarkable visual styles as well as impressive bonuses.

NYX Gaming. This Canadian company, while not a prominent leader in the overall industry has a rich focus on DC-based games in particular. Some of their creations include games like Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash – Velocity, Batman and Wonder Woman Jackpots. NYX Gaming is the largest DC online slot machine supplier in the world. What’s really impressive about their games is the artistic style that’s very close to the original. Simply looking at the characters is a huge comic book relief. It just feels right home with these guys.

What else can be said?

Mobile is the new king; People are getting over online sites with ease and simplicity as most fans trade their desktop for the comfort and convenience of handheld devices. Smaller screens are always accessible. That’s a big deal given a pleasant bonus can be time-sensitive.

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