09th Jun2016

The Best Bingo Scenes and Movies Out There

by James Smith

Bingo is undoubtedly one of the most popular games throughout the world, and many of us grew up with that catchy “B I N G O, B I N G O, B I N G O and Bingo was his namo” song stuck in our heads.

Although the stereotype of Bingo is one of a hall filled to the brim with old ladies and gents, hard of hearing, grumpy and ready to win some lacklustre prize – the game is actually played by a multitude of age groups and establishments all over the world. And with the invention of online gaming and gambling, playing a game of bingo has never been easier. Hell, we don’t even need to get off our beds any more to play. Sites like Mad About Bingo and others have only increased the masses attention in Bingo.

While it doesn’t have the screen presence of say, Blackjack, bingo has still been widely featured in a bunch of different films and documentaries. Some of them only give a little morsel of screen time to the great game, while others are wholly dedicated to Bingo.

These are some of the best scenes and movies showcasing bingo that are out there:

King of the Bingo

This movie is an adaptation of Ralph Ellison’s short story. Set in 1943, this psychological saga takes place in a bingo hall, where Sonny tries his luck to take home the cash prize to his impoverished family. As you can see from the trailer, this is a pretty hard-hitting movie that will have you thinking throughout the film. It is one of the greatest bingo movies made, and is certainly one that all bingo lovers should see.



Rampage is a political and disturbing movie based around the spate of gun atrocities that the US seems to constantly struggle with. It is also particularly relevant with regards to recent events in Orlando, Florida. The movie follows a boy who has become embittered and furious with the world around him, and in which seems to be a common occurrence nowadays, he decided to buy a bullet proof vest, an automatic weapon and tons of ammo. He wonders around a bingo hall, and is only noticed when he first asks for food, and then grabs the bingo ball and shouts. This is a disturbing and important movie that is fast becoming a cult.

Hotel Transylvania


A more humorous scene of bingo is seen in this animation. Set in Monsterland – the bingo ball is made of small skulls, which hiss out their numbers. A light-hearted scene showing the competitive nature of bingo players ensues when a neighbouring monster eats Mrs Frankenstein’s winning card.



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