07th Jun2016

Who Needs a Job? Hobbies Make Money Too

by James Smith

Believe it or not, jobs are not required to make money. You can generate a pretty decent living off your hobbies.

Is work getting you down? Try making money doing what you love… Let’s face it, nobody wants to get up early in the morning and go grind away at some miserable job day in and day out. We want to get paid for things that we enjoy doing – that’s the way it’s supposed to be, right? Back in the old days, our grandparents would have scolded their kids for suggesting that traditional work is some sort of abomination, and best avoided at all costs. Nowadays, we know better. It is 100% possible to do what you enjoy doing and to get paid for it. If you think this is all pie in the sky, think again because there are plenty of nerds out there making a living off their hobbies. Let’s get right into it with some tips to help you get away from the daily grind and earn some real dough doing what you enjoy.

Hobby #1 Girl Scout Cookies, Lemonade Stands, Doggie Treats – you get the picture

Back in the good old days when we were kids, most every one of us had probably participated in at least one of the aforementioned activities. Our parents encouraged us to bake stuff, make stuff or sell stuff with their oversight. It may well be that baking cookies or doggie treats became a hobby of yours, and if you fine-tune your skills just a little you may find yourself in business. Depending on where you live in the world, licensing and regulation may be required to get your product to market, but that’s not to say that you can’t make money off your hobbies. Packaging, stickers and ribbons are a great way to finish off your baked goods hobby. If you bake it, they will come!

Hobby #2 Writing Reviews for Real Money

Okay, you’re a nerd right? Good! You know that you enjoy technology and the Internet of Things. If you’re really adept at what you’re doing, you may wish to consider taking your writing hobby to the next level. Technical writing, reviews of apps and products, online surveys, game reviews, and general content writing are hobbies that many people earn a really good living off. You may not know it, but you can earn an incredible payday by finding multiple clients in your chosen writing genre and then working from home, at your leisure. Forget about fighting the traffic every morning and evening, battling through management hierarchy, and dealing with office politics. Do what you love and get paid for it!

Hobby #3 Playing Games Online for Real Money


Hold on to your seat! You are not going to believe this one… you can play online games for real money and make a pretty good living from this hobby. There are many examples of online gamers minting it by doing what they really love – playing and playing and playing. We’re not talking about World of Warcraft, or Dungeons & Dragons, not even Monopoly. There is one game that has grown in popularity since it was brought to Las Vegas at the Main Event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP)… Texas Hold’em Poker. This is a game that reels in the crowds in a big way.
Many of us play this game as a hobby, but did you know that if you are 18+ years old and from a regulated country, you can play this game for real money? Poker has been called an easy game to learn and a challenging game to master. And that’s true, but as a hobby, you’re playing the game because you love the game. Every time you win real money, it’s a bonus. There are ways for you to fine-tune your playing skills so that you can get the edge on the competition and put more chips in your stack. For example, play the player, not your cards. Learn the importance of pot odds, bankroll management and game rules before you turn your hobby into a moneymaking machine. And since we are all nerds here, this will surely be as easy as pie… 3.141592653!

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