06th Jun2016

Innovation in Gaming

by Guest


The last decade has seen what can only be described as a revolution in every aspect of gaming, from the way that we obtain and play them to the kinds of games that are being enjoyed. This has gone hand in hand with the ever-accelerating development of technology, not to mention the meteoric rise and rise of social media. Plus, rather than being confined to the world of games and gaming, many of these advances are also finding their way into the world of work.

So let’s take a brief look at four key areas of gaming to see where they’ve come from – and where they may be headed.

Open world games

From fairly simple beginnings when games also relied quite heavily on trying to look and feel like movies unfolding around the player today’s open-world games are far more sophisticated and nuanced, creating ever-more involving worlds. Some commentators have also noted that there has been the very noticeable introduction of better plots with more rounded characters and less stereotyping. It’s also a golden time for the development of games franchises with many bigger and better sequels to games slated for release in 2016.

Online multi-player games

The incredible explosion in social media has, not surprisingly, had a corresponding effect in the world of multi-player games and in many case, the two elements have become very closely entwined. So now, wherever you are and provided that you have a device that can connect to the internet, you can indulge your passion for online multi-player games. Plus games like Minecraft not only provide an exciting gaming experience, they also allow players to communicate while they play and it’s more than likely that there’s going to be more and more connectivity and opportunities to share experiences and strategies in the next generation of games.

Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality is probably the one area that is the single most exciting prospect for the gaming world and will be a true quantum leap into the next generation of games. That’s why so many manufacturers are rushing to get their headsets to market. Though still in their early stages of development, one just has to look at how quickly mobile phones went from being clunky bricks to the light and powerful devices available today. So there should be some very exciting, and immersive, times ahead.

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