29th May2016

Canadian horror label Shivers Ent. launches with ‘Massacre Up North’

by Phil Wheat

It couldn’t be more apt, given that I’m currently in Canada, to bring new of a brand new Canadian-based film distribution company – Shivers Entertainment! Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia and developed by long time exploitation film fan Brenin Barrow, the first major release for Shivers Ent. is the truly disturbing Canuxploitation film Massacre Up North!

For those unaware of the film, this shot-on-video slasher is one of the bloodiest titles to ever be produced in Canada. Full of gore, terror and nudity, Massacre Up North involves one man’s deadly trail of destruction, in small town Canada.

After a camping accident leaves him disfigured and tormented by classmates, Leslie Rejick only has one thing on his mind: It’s Time to Even The Score! With a hardware store chock-full of deadly tools at his disposal, he leaves behind a merciless path of death and destruction in a small Canadian town. A pair of inept city detectives, determined to track down the killer, enlist the help of eccentric local coroner Patrick. But, Patrick holds a secret of his own, and he ultimately leads the detectives head-on into a bizarre, bloody battle with the psychotic killer.

Shivers Entertainment will be re-launching this title, 15 years after its original release – in both a very limited VHS copy, only 70 copies of which will be available; and on DVD (making its debut on the format).

Check out the trailer and some cover art for the Massacre Up North below; and be sure look out for the film in stores NOW.




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