11th May2016

‘Heroes: Godsend #3’ Review (Titan Comics)

by Dean Fuller

Written by Joey Falco | Art by Roy Allan Martinez | Published by Titan Comics | Format: Paperback, 32pp


So far this Heroes story arc, focusing on Farah Nazan, aka Godsend, has been decent. Not as good as it should be, but not falling as short as the previous Heroes mini-series. Not as good as it should be because it doesn’t do all it should with the pretty rich well it can draw from. It should be more than just a generic superhero tale, it has both an interesting hook, Farah having taken up her hero role to fight anti-Muslim prejudice, and also tells a story with a character that is integral to the later Heroes universe, as fans of the Heroes Reborn TV show already know.

That being said, last issue was a positive step, firmly rooting the rest of this story in the mainstream Heroes universe, with appearances from the Haitian, Noah Bennett, and Angela Petrelli especially, but also from a future Angela Petrelli and Malina, someone we know from the TV show will come to know Farah very well in the future. Last issue ended with Farah, using her unique camouflage skills, breaking into a prison to break out a doctor, having been tasked by Angela to do so to help save the apparently dying Malina. Unknown to her, the person she has to break out is Linderman, a man who can heal anyone with one touch, but also a very dangerous man who featured heavily in the early years of the Heroes TV show.

After the tensions and plot advancement of last issue we unfortunately drift a little aimlessly this one. The actual break out of Linderman and healing of Malina is all wrapped up very promptly, and sandwiched between an overlong flashback to Farah’s training in Pakistan a few years back and a somewhat forced arson scene at a restaurant Farah was at on a date. I very much hope we discover down the line that the restaurant was targeted specifically because Farah was there, otherwise the odds of that happening randomly are just a little too opportune. We learnt very little that was new, other than a mysterious behind the scenes man by the name of Mr. Vance is pulling some strings. So flashback, breakout, fight pretty much sums up the events. If I am being generous I could argue writer Joey Falco is allowing some breathing room for subplots, if not so generous I would say overall multi-issue pacing requires this issue to be in a story holding pattern.

The artwork was again solid enough, certainly with the muted colours it suits the story it is telling, but can be uneven. Some panels capture some nice action and movement, some are very static, and it’s all a little safe. With the exception of a page here or there, very linear standard panel layouts take a little away from the narrative. To be fair the artist, Roy Allan Martinez, does not have a lot to sink his teeth into here so that may be partly to blame. Give the man something to inspire him and I’m sure he can deliver.

Rather like snakes and ladders, this series seems to go one rung up the quality scale one issue, then slithering down the snake one the next. This was not a bad issue, but just very thin on actual story. The positive to that is we know Joey Falco can produce the goods, so he must be saving the best for the last two issues.

So Joey, I expect the next two issues to be excellent. Or else.

*** 3/5

Heroes: Godsend #3 is out now from Titan Comics


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