01st May2016

Graphic Novel Review: ‘Moose’

by Chris Cummings

Created by Max de Radigues | Published by Conundrum Press | Format: Paperback


Moose is a graphic novel from Conundrum Press that I’ve had my eye on for a while, so when it was sent to me to read and review I was over the moon, and I read it the day it plopped through the letterbox.

It did not disappoint.

Moose tells the story of Joe, a young school kid who is being tormented daily by a bully named Jason. Jason steals money from Joe, takes his backpack from him, tears up his schoolwork and mocks his family. Joe attempts to avoid Jason by skipping classes and walking home instead of getting the bus with everyone else. On one of these jaunts home, Joe see’s a Moose in a field of snow, and he and the animal stare at one another for a moment, only for the Moose to toddle off to wherever he appeared from. We see, in this moment, a childlike fascination on Joe’s face as eh finds he has much in common with the creature who walks alone across the snowy fields.

Moose is a story of a boy suffering through torment while attempting to find common ground with something very unique. The story takes very dark turns at times, and the book features graphic illustrations of bullying and violence. I was shocked at times, but the book truly moved me and made me both angry and happy. Angry because of what was happening in the book, but happy because the fresh and unique way the tale was told and the unapologetic realism that was depicted made me feel like I’d read something truly new and brilliant.

It wont be for everyone, and it certainly isn’t for younger readers, but Moose is a book that I will revisit, and it deals with a subject that is hard to stomach, which can often result in a book that is impossible to ignore.

**** 4/5

Moose was sent to me for review by Turnaround UK and is out now.


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