18th Apr2016

‘Love True’ at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival

by Catherina Gioino

In 2011, Alma Har’el won the Best Documentary Feature Award at the Tribeca Film Festival for her doc Bombay Beach. Now just five years later, Har’el is back with another documentary at Tribeca, called Love TrueGrammatically it may incorrect but visually, it astounds the audience’s eyes with amazing aesthetics of the past, present, and future of three characters.

What makes the film remarkably poignant is not only the subject matter, but rather the story between Har’el and executive producer Shia LaBeouf. At the time of filming, Har’el was going through a bitter divorce with her filmmaker husband, and she talks about the struggle between what the film showed and her actual life.

But how did LaBeouf come to work together with Har’el? After going through a bad relationship of his own, he was searching through movies and found Har’el’s Bombay Beach in a pile of dvds with the Tribeca stamp on its cover. After taking a look and falling in love with the film, he wrote to Har’el letters in which he proclaimed his admiration for her and her style of filming. Through that correspondence, Har’el came to direct him in Sigur Ros’ music video “Fjogur Piano.” Continuing contact with him, he sent her a check to make Love Trueand signed on to be the executive producer of the film.

We got the chance to interview Har’el at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, where we asked her about working with LaBeouf and where she got the inspiration to make the movie. You can watch the interview with her below and don’t forget to check out the film’s trailer.

Alma Har’el:

Love True trailer:


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