11th Apr2016

‘Haven: Season 5 Volume 2 – The Final Episodes’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


If you are going to watch a television show, the worst time to start is in its final episodes. I found myself doing this though for the recent release of Haven: Season 5 Volume 2 – The Final Episodes. What I found though was a show that I really enjoyed and will be investing my time in, from the beginning.

Haven is a cursed town where “troubled” people have mysterious powers that often cause trouble for the people who are trying to protect it. As the story nears its end a mysterious fog has cut the town off from the rest of the world and a showdown is looming with the mysterious “Croatoan” that appears to be on its way.

While it felt strange that Haven: Season 5 Volume 2 – The Final Episodes gets into the story straight away, it is telling of Syfy’s aggressive advertising for the show that I had already picked up on most of the story elements already. What is more satisfying is the fact that these episodes are so easy to get into and, based on the fact that a lot of the story visits the past and past storylines, much of the missing elements were filled in as we reached the finale.

An amusing thing for fans of wrestling is not only the fact that Adam Copeland (Edge) is in the show, but in these episodes but also appearances by Jason Reso (Christian). This coming together of the WWE stars is quite an event, as they have interesting chemistry even in acting roles in a television series, or so it would seem. The true magic of the show though is the relationship between Audrey (Emily Rose) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and their journey to either happiness or heartbreak. The final destination of this couple’s relationship isn’t signposted, and we are kept guessing to the end. The fact that the final episode is also emotionally impactful is also satisfying as it shows the investment we have in the characters. Even if I’ve only watched the final episodes I still feel connected to the characters and this is the sign of a well written show.

As a group of stand-alone episodes Haven: Season 5 Volume 2 – The Final Episodes are fun, and the fact that William Shatner turns up adds a little something special to the show. He knows just the level of over acting of his character to add to the whole grand feeling of the events that are taking place, and he plays his part well. I won’t give away who he was though, that would be a spoiler.

For people who haven’t seen Haven before, it may seem silly to start at the end. Thankfully for me though these episodes show Haven at its best, and will make you want to start the series from the beginning. If you are a fan of shows like Supernatural this is the perfect show for you, and it even manages to be something different, which is always a good thing.

Haven: Season 5 Volume 2 – The Final Episodes is available on DVD in the UK now.

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