21st Mar2016

The Scream Cast: Episodes 92 and 93

by Phil Wheat


Welcome to the latest episode of The ScreamCast! Each episode sees hosts Sean Duregger and Brad Henderson take a look at another slice of home video horror.

Don’t forget to check out TheScreamCast.com for the show notes and for more news and reviews of Scream Factory releases and make sure to follow them on Twitter too!

Episode 92: I Am Thor!

Welcome to Heavy Metal Horror Month here at The ScreamCast! We kick things off with a conversation with Jon Mikl Thor himself about the new documentary I AM THOR. Plus, we dive into the AC/DC driven, Steven King-directed, cocaine induced train-wreck of awesome: MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! Then we investigate Satanism, Heavy Metal and Murder with HACK-O-LANTERN.

Episode 93: McBeardo And The Turbulence Of Heavy Metal Movies

Week #2 in our month of Heavy Metal Horror! Today Mike “McBeardo” McPadden makes an appearance and we chat his awesome book: Heavy Metal Movies! Also on deck in our Stream Screams segment is the third installment in the Turbulence series (!?), Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal! A flick that imagines a band’s final performance that will be live-streamed via the “internet” from 30,000 feet in a specially modified 747! Seriously.


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